cait +tiff


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Photo Credit: Yoongi

Happy Wednesday, friends. Cait just woke up from a nap, because that is where she is in her life, professionally. It’s a sunny day in LA, but all she can focus on is this cool matte black manicure she got a few days ago, so you know, really taking advantage of her surroundings right now.  And Tiff is so freeeeee she almost forgot to do this.  Happy happy Wednesday/Thursday!!!

How have I never heard of Romance Was Born before now? Why has so much time been wasted?

Emily had the bestest time in Georgia and surrounds! Her photos are gorgeous!

Oooo pretty, and perfect for the beach. Who’s taking me to the beach?

Love the words this guy makes! And really digging into his creative process!

Apparently this song takes away anxiety.

First Anthropology, now J. Crew – what’s going on with all the big brands?

Theo James has facial hair! And is some sort of show or something.

Next time in Cali.

Happy Birthday, Prince.

Some good things happening in Russia. 


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