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Photo Credit: Creema

Happy Wednesday, friends. Tiff’s behind on Instagramming, she’s gonna change that. Cait is writing a lot this week, and has been spending quite a bit of time with the salty chocolate chip cookies she made over the weekend. This is what pilates is for, life is about balance. And cookies. Hope you have an amazing week!

Not sure about having my eggs feeling cloudy.

I want tots so much now.

Digging this illustrator!

Don’t look up what your dreams mean, it won’t say what you want it to.

This club please let me in!

I’m so mad at all the people that killed They should have left Tommy Ton alone.

Definitely not this health conference.

Tiff, that is NOT a health conference. That’s snake oil, but with really pretty hair.

Ahhhh this revived this classic!!!

Sofia Coppola is the coolest, and sort of always looks like she is wearing jammies, which I totally respect.


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