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Artwork Credit: Skyler Ray

I started going to Pride in Toronto when I was in highschool.  My best friend had just come out of the closet and we were just so lucky to be from a place that celebrated diversity in all of its ways and means.  It’s actually one of the biggest Pride parades in the world. That was 1999.  Flash forward 18 years and Pride has gotten COMPLEX (check out this podcast for a great episode on the topic).  And I’m so happy that it is.  Because it’s not just one thing.  There’s a reason why there’s a Q in there.

Another great thing that’s evolved over the past two decades is the spread of Pride all over the freaking world.  We just had our own party about it back in May.  Pride and LGBTQ culture means something different depending on where you are.  And I just love that there’s a little doco series all about that.  Gaycation!  Within your own borders or across the ocean, actress Ellen Page and her bestie travel the world, to learn from and discover all the different ways LGBTQ is seen and to expand their own horizons. It’s both her own story and the story of the world. It’s really well done.  And it’s online, which  means you can even celebrate Pride in the dead of winter, on your couch.  You can watch it all online here.  Happy binging.


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