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Hai. It’s 10pm on a Tuesday and I just went drank tequila in honor of a boobiversary. That’s right, I just went to a boob birthday party, and it makes me love LA even more. 

I have lived here since September, which means I did NOT “just move here” so I really need to stop saying that. I would l not call myself a local yet, but I know some stuff about the neighborhood, and the east side of LA certainly doesn’t feel new to me. I am settling in, I have a good group of friends, and the lovely people at Blue Bottle know my name. I am sort of at home. 

I travelled a ton when I first got here, I was in south east Asia and Chicago more than I was in LA, so it took me a little while. But it seems to be working now, I kno where things go, I know what tacos to order at which truck, and I know how long it take a to walk between neighborhoods, even if I’m the only one that walks. 

So cheers to me (it’s cool if you don’t, I did for both of us) and cheers to making a new home. I assumed I would always be an outsider in a place that felt to cool for me, but it’s sort of working. 

I miss a lot of people, blog wife included, TIFF. But I feel like everyone will come and visit. You are all coming over, right?

K love you bye.


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