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Artwork Credit: Kirsten Sims via Miss Moss.

Hi there! One of us wrote a blog post after cocktails last night, and is somewhere between proud and embarrassed right now. THIS IS WHO I AM NOW. There is certainly something freeing about letting the world know you are a ridiculous person, in case there was any doubt.  And the other one of us LOVED it and misses her blog wife so freaking much and wonders if that ocean between them could be made infinitely smaller. End of third person monologue.

I liked the first one, and this super low-brow reboot is right up my alley.

What a great little meditation on what you think of a person and who they really are.

I hate myself a little for wanting to go to this garbage.

Not clothes.  Ceramics.  In LA. Cait please go see this.

I will never be happy until I have this top.

Of course it’s called Of Cats and Men.

Making these tasty little bitches tonight.

My suitcase is begging for these.

Gross dirtballs can’t stop being sexist, even to Khaleesi.

Artisanal sweets? Amazon? Fun box? Yes please.


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