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Photo Credit: Lynn Goldsmith

Good morning, team. Tiff is trying to avoid the rain this week and Cait is up and at it EARLY today, because she lives in a neighborhood that wanted to play with fireworks until like 7am, so sleeping was a lost effort. But you know, AMERICA. Hope this week is going well for you, it’s easy to get distracted from work stuff in the summer, so here are more things to do that to your day.

Craving good Chinese food!

Oh no. Self Portrait is having a sale. Bye, money.

Obviously, the Chinese food craving is deep because here’s more dumplings and noodles.

Well, these are amazing.

Looking to diversify your travel blogger rabbit hole dive?

Helpful professional things.

How to do Berlin, and what to where while doing it.

This is interesting, if you are interested in love stuff.

Should have made Soviet bus stops a must-see while I was in Russia last year.

GOOD. I’m glad they quit, get your shit together, CBS. You’re not FOX.


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