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Photo Credit: Oamul Lu via Miss Moss

Tiff is planning trips again!!! And Cait is really trying to get on that itinerary. Happy Thursday, this humpjump is brought to you late due to jet lag and cocktails. It’s still roughly the middle of the week, so that counts as a hump. Anyway, we hope it’s all going well for you, and that you can find an air conditioner to hide behind like we have. Things are REAL sweaty right now, and the Americas-dwelling part of this team is being reacquainted with humidity, and is decidedly against it.

I’m so excited to get my hands on one of these guys for my guys.

One of my favorite sustainable denim companies is now making t-shirts! 

Yes I am a fan of this magazine.  Does this make me an elitist nutjob?

Yes, Tiff, it does. But you already were. 🙂

Kimono LOVE. I want all, especially this one.

The desert! Still obsessed.  Love these shots.

Check this gorgeous biz from New York-based designer, Marina Cortbawi, of Merlette.

Great shots and great words from a new fave German fashion blogger.

I keep looking at this, and it keeps making me laugh.

Always on the hunt for new cool brands.



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