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Photo Credit: ME! (in kenya 2015)

I was about to board a plane to Siem Reap last Friday (more on that later this week!) when Cait called me with the news.  She’s a wombat.  And a few seconds later, we discovered I’m a vulture.  I would like to add at this point that I’ve decided I’m not a wrinkly turkey faced vulture. I’m Canadian and prefer a good coat.  Aesthetics aside, Cait is right, YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY DO THIS, IT IS TOTALLY ACCURATE.

Except I have not read all of the romantic books.  I have not read ANY of them.  But thank you very much, I am an opportunist (that seat at the bar is MINE).  To the point that I might go a little Tracy Flick.  I’m also extremely happy to know that Phil Hartmann lives in my fellow soul zoo.  Yeah, I just called it that because it sounds great and weird.  So yes, please do this

Anyways, flash forward to Monday and I’m a bit of a hot mess of missed posts, a sore throat, burst pipes and flooded kitchens, and a variety of other things we decided that need to get fixed in the house, stat.  And I’m eternally grateful to Erin for this post she shared last week.

At least I can dream about Bangkok.  Favourite of Asian cities.  I see you in three weeks.  Okay, end of jumbled messy head, not vulture-like at all post.  Here’s a gorgeous video about Bangkok.  You should visit.  It’s delicious.  And on that note, here’s a gorgeous little video from the guys at NOWNESS. Michélin starred French chef meets.  Bangkok.  Graphic love making ensues.

Happy Monday and I hope you don’t have any summer time sniffles.

Chef Bertrand Grébaut in “Paris to Bangkok” by Jérôme de Gerlache – NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.


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