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I’ve been thinking a lot about how design and social activism intersect. It was a way for those early designers who smelled like patchouli to push forward peace, love and the anti-war movement during the 60s and 70s.  German and Swiss designers in post-War Europe embraced minimalism because they thought it was a way to transmit messages without the ideological crazy of their forebears.  Okay.  History lesson over.  Basically – I care about this topic again because a lot of money is being made from it right now, and in all the different ways.  And everyone wants a Future is Female T-shirt.  Some of it goes back to the right places.  Others, not so much (I see you Forever 21).  So here comes a cool lady whose company I’ve been watching for over the past year.  Pamela Bell is a self-taught screen printer who’s Prinkshop is killing it, especially in these dark days.  This biz is rooted in combining the perfect typeface with social activism.  So naturally, I was smitten.  And it all goes back to the causes we all support.

I live in a country that’s just re-discovering the power of voice.  And design is the most subversive voice of all.  So Ii I had all the time and money, there’d be screen printing stuffs coming this way.  Except I don’t really.  But at least I can scroll through and tell you all about it.  


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