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Photo Credit: Oddo Body

Hey dudes, hope your week is going well. Cait is spending this week purging old habits that do not suit her, and trying to leverage whatever universe powers she can to get things going in the right direction. There is a massive influx of visitors in LA right now, so she is trying to stay active and healthy and get work done between happy hours and thai food.  Meanwhile, Tiff is trying to be one of those visitors and apparently Korean tour groups are her biggest barrier to making that happen.  Cue fist shaking.  Have a fabulous week and book those flights early!!!!

I was super into this on Monday, and I love a good affirmation.

Really digging not just the description of her sound, but the actual songs too.

I hadn’t seen this before, but it’s an awesome resource of interviews with creatives, the Tavi Gevinson one is amazing.

Yes, the career shift to freelance is totally worth it.

This please.

If you’re in the market for a tinier camera, this one sounds great!

In case you missed the eclipse, just steal these photos from Nat Geo and put them on your IG with the tag #foreverchanged.

This thriller has a bunch of my favourite actresses, looks super creepy, super stylish and I cannot wait to see it.

I have followed Amber Lewis for a while, and am constantly disappointed that my apartment doesn’t look like this.

Story of my life.


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