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Artwork Credit: Hillary Bird

Tiff is trying to stay afloat.  Because apparently Mother Nature wants to go all Kevin Costner. Cait is trying to figure out what it means to “go all Kevin Costner.” Possible theories: 1. Wear baseball pants, be charming, and deliver fantastic monologues. 2. Have life flooded by rain and global warming, make raft and disappoint movie-goers. 3. Build it, and they will come. Thoughts? Cait is hoping it’s the last one.

These amazing jeans are about to be released!

And Cait is going to the pop up in New York tomorrow. WOOOOOOO.

Reader comments haven’t died!  They can be really good!

Are you following Bri? These adventures in Italy are making me so jealous.

The thing I’d love to get started in.

Seriously? Are we here? Do I think this might work? Kinda?

Avocado toast.  Let’s shout, murmur and really get into it.

Need some color inspiration? Me too. Check Stockholm fashion week.

A must read if you’re a blogger or wanting to get into it.

Why is everything she makes so good right now?



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