cait +tiff


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Photo Credit: Bri Hammond.

Hi team, hope your week is going well. Tiff is getting all the things done so she can get the heck out of dodge. Cait has turned her apartment into what is either a giant mood board, or a colorful attempt at solving a conspiracy theory. Not totally sure which one it is yet.

Basically me at NYFW.  If I ever wound up there.

This comes out this weekend in the US, and I am going to sit around with some tissues and do it.

My future life in Munich, right?

This whole show.

I am an It-superfan.  Therefore this.

I am NOT an It superfan, or even a fan of any kind. Therefore, this.

Anti-social extrovert.  My social life in three words.

All the colors, all in one place.

Such great words for the identity politics debate.

After a week of eating everything in sight, I just want simple, delicious food like this.



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