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Wait wait wait, back up. Everyone stop. We didn’t celebrate Tiff’s birthday.

Our beloved Tiff had a birthday over the weekend, so if you see her, let her know that that the “Birthday Week” rules still apply, and that she should keep celebrating. Time zones are confusing, and everything I have learned from jet lag tells me that they are endless, so it’s still your birthday somewhere, Tiff.

Now, if you don’t know Tiff personally, you might not know some of the best things about her. I mean, you can gather a lot of the good stuff from reading the blog. She’s funny, super into art and fonts (her favorite is comic sans, be sure to use that in any correspondence with her), she loves fashion, design of any kind, and makes the best play lists. These are all amazing things, but the best stuff isn’t public facing.

Tiff is one of the most considerate and thoughtful people I have ever met, and this past year, with my life full of hectic and constant change, she has stepped up from a million miles away to be there for me. When it would have been easy to feel forgotten after moving away, she made sure that I still felt love and connection. She is also the great sharer of all time. Wether it be food, art, music, or honestly probably food, she makes sure that everyone is invited, and always has the best recommendations on where to go to make your belly and heart happy. Her enthusiasm for all of those things is contagious, and she makes any room more fun to be in.

So, people in the Penh, if you are lucky enough to know our girl, give her a hug for me, and then send her to the states.

Tiff, I love you! I hope your birthday was at least a third as special as you are. xx


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