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Photo Credit: Carmen D’Apollonio (via Miss Moss)

This week Tiff is playing catch up with everything and chasing all the new hot denim that she will never actually wear in the tropics. Cait is getting ready to go to Nashville tomorrow, where she will be wearing denim head to toe. Please tell her what to do and eat. Also, she went to the Solange concert on Sunday and is NOT over it, seriously, she will not stop talking about it. So annoying.

Rhiannon went to Lisbon and loved all the colours.

Cait went to the Solange concert, did you hear?

Currently debating: could I make this a regular thing?

I love the Ace Hotel in DTLA, I got to celebrate a WHOLE YEAR in LA last night.

His voice is totally “soaked in maple syrup.”

I will be using this as a loose Bible for the weekend.

Always looking for biz-lady advice.

It is crazy to me that this is still happening. Your skin is exactly the color its supposed to be.

All the nuances on the amazing lighting on black skin on Insecure.

I don’t know what to do with new Lanvin. I miss Albert Elbaz.



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