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We are currently living in a world where Bethenny Frankel is doing visibly more to support the relief efforts in Puerto Rico, than 45 is. A reality star, known for her Skinnygirl product line, and for trashing Ramona, like, hard on Real Housewives of New York City, (it’s fine, Ramona deserves it, she’s honestly batshit crazy), wasn’t the person I would have expected to step up and charter 4 planes full of supplies to bring to Puerto Rico. But I love surprises, and this is impressive to me.

I think people get stuck in the stages of HOW to help when it comes to something like this, and there is contradictory information on who is doing the best work, and where the money is going. Fatigue is reasonable, because it feels like there is constantly something horrible to help out with, honestly because there is. Feel that, for like an hour, and then do something. The most productive thing you can do, if you can’t dedicate your time to the effort, is donate money. Here is a good list.

Call your local government and remind them that climate change is a real thing and that someone with a legitimate scientific background should probably be in charge of the EPA.


I started writing this piece over the weekend, before the shootings in Las Vegas. I don’t have any unique thoughts about it, only that it’s insane that this is still happening, and the current administration is refusing to do anything about gun control, or even talk about it. While you are on the phone with your representative to talk about the EPA, also let them know how you feel about gun control. Learn about Everytown, donate if you can. This isn’t something that is out of our control. No more guns. No more guns. No more guns.

Trevor Noah said it well yesterday,

“I can’t give you thoughts and prayers. I can only say that I am sorry that we live in a world where there are people who will put a gun before your lives.

Please be extra kind, extra gentle, extra welcoming, and extra understanding of the humans around you. Connection and empathy are desperately important always, and damn near vital right now.



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