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Tiff is getting ready for her trip out West, and Cait is trying to find a way see her. Cait feels like she deserves a helicopter on call for free, but no one seems to be buying it. For both of us, it’s the silence before the storm right now. It’s about to get REAL BUSY UP IN HERE, and while that’s exciting, and visitors are awesome, we are packing our emotional go-bags and stocking up on water. I don’t totally know what that means, but you’ll be fine.

Check out Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren killing it at PFW.

I saw this lady in concert last week and she blew my damn mind. Listen.

I still cannot get over how dapper our new party leader in Canada is.

I am really, sincerely happy for her. And jealous.

Really want to work here.  (And congrats to Katie on her first exhibition!)


I really do think those “influencers” need to get on the politicking.

Finding all kinds of inspiration in this art.

I’m doing the same thing. Except it doesn’t really include anything designer.

Ok, this came out. I had hear it was coming out, it’s a big fucking deal, and it’s certainly not a surprise after living in LA for 20 minutes. I have opinions on a lot of it, but I keep coming back to the woman that wrote the memo, that didn’t ask for her life to be set on fire right now, and couldn’t comment in the piece, due to legal restrictions in her settlement. Sending her love, and sending love to all the women that don’t feel like they can come forward.

Photo via A Well Traveled Woman


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