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Photo Credit: Fanny Bryggman Öhrn (via Frankie)

Hi, it’s Thursday and this is late because Cait has been sick and too stuffy to type. Tiff’s in her pre-trip sprint and seriously hoping she gets to see Cait in the west coast! Cait is in LA, where it is weird to be right now because everyone knows someone who has spent time with one of the grossest people on the planet, Harvey Weinstein. The accounts of sexual assault are getting darker and darker.

Digging the New Potato’s new skin!

Thank you, Joanna Goddard, for this piece.

Yes we should all embrace the windbreaker in S/S2018.

Thank you, Beyonce, for this piece.

Always looking for a new lens on things.

Thank you, Samantha Bee, for this piece.

What alt-porn looks like!

I honestly didn’t read this article, but I like that dancing guy at the top.

Vintage German bowling alleys!

Never have I ever wanted an ice bucket more,


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