cait +tiff


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Photo Credit: Kosten

Tiff is in flight! Cait is on the couch, sort of the same thing. It dipped below 70 in LA, and Cait is trying to jump into pikes of leaves (that aren’t there yet) and find everything “cozy.” She event went to a Hygge party, and what could possibly be better than that. With upcoming travel to Chicago, she will soon remember that not-sweating doesn’t mean it’s cold, but for now, let’s let her enjoy it.

Really digging these little graphics pushing positive vibes for Australia’s marriage equality vote!

Starting classes here, and can’t wait for Twerkshop.

Cold weather, beautiful landscapes, and maybe some gorgeous night lights please.

Christian Bale as Dick Cheney? I don’t understand what’s happening.

Basically what happens when I travel from Southeast Asia to the PNW in October.

This is the sweetest thing. Also great inspiration.

Really want to be in THIS book club.

Yay! More love for being comfortable.

This bag just arrived literally hours before my trip.  Cannot wait to get it dirty.

I’m so annoyed I am not French.



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