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Photo Credit: Carmen D’Apollonio (via Miss Moss)

This week Tiff is playing catch up with everything and chasing all the new hot denim that she will never actually wear in the tropics. Cait is getting ready to go to Nashville tomorrow, where she will be wearing denim head to toe. Please tell her what to do and eat. Also, she went to the Solange concert on Sunday and is NOT over it, seriously, she will not stop talking about it. So annoying.

Rhiannon went to Lisbon and loved all the colours.

Cait went to the Solange concert, did you hear?

Currently debating: could I make this a regular thing?

I love the Ace Hotel in DTLA, I got to celebrate a WHOLE YEAR in LA last night.

His voice is totally “soaked in maple syrup.”

I will be using this as a loose Bible for the weekend.

Always looking for biz-lady advice.

It is crazy to me that this is still happening. Your skin is exactly the color its supposed to be.

All the nuances on the amazing lighting on black skin on Insecure.

I don’t know what to do with new Lanvin. I miss Albert Elbaz.



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C/ Hold up.


Wait wait wait, back up. Everyone stop. We didn’t celebrate Tiff’s birthday.

Our beloved Tiff had a birthday over the weekend, so if you see her, let her know that that the “Birthday Week” rules still apply, and that she should keep celebrating. Time zones are confusing, and everything I have learned from jet lag tells me that they are endless, so it’s still your birthday somewhere, Tiff.

Now, if you don’t know Tiff personally, you might not know some of the best things about her. I mean, you can gather a lot of the good stuff from reading the blog. She’s funny, super into art and fonts (her favorite is comic sans, be sure to use that in any correspondence with her), she loves fashion, design of any kind, and makes the best play lists. These are all amazing things, but the best stuff isn’t public facing.

Tiff is one of the most considerate and thoughtful people I have ever met, and this past year, with my life full of hectic and constant change, she has stepped up from a million miles away to be there for me. When it would have been easy to feel forgotten after moving away, she made sure that I still felt love and connection. She is also the great sharer of all time. Wether it be food, art, music, or honestly probably food, she makes sure that everyone is invited, and always has the best recommendations on where to go to make your belly and heart happy. Her enthusiasm for all of those things is contagious, and she makes any room more fun to be in.

So, people in the Penh, if you are lucky enough to know our girl, give her a hug for me, and then send her to the states.

Tiff, I love you! I hope your birthday was at least a third as special as you are. xx

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T / happy monday /

Photo Credit: Lucie Rie.

Sorry for the inconsistent posts, guys.  Apparently, I really liked being on vacation.  And that 13 course meal.  So in addition to getting back to it, doing all the burpees (see: 13 course meal) and shooting all the things like brand spanking new babies.  Which (so weird), is what I haven’t really been doing for the past month.  The break was nice.  I missed my cammy cam.  So I’m back at it and looking for all the inspiration.

Thank goodness for the guys at The Creator Class.  I’m so visiting when I’m back in Toronto.  I’m in search of doing some new things.  Hopefully they’ll show up on le blog soon.  In the meantime, at least I can be aspirational. Zahra Saleki is amazing.  She’s an Iranian-Canadian photographer who actually makes real all those visions she has in your mind.  Something actually I need to start doing. I hope this gives us all some hope and drive to create.  

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Out of Office-ish

chaing mai

Hi guys. Tiffany is in Chaing Mai this week, eating everything that Cait would like to be eating, and apparently going hog wild in fabric stalls in the markets. Cait is having a hard time containing her jealousy while typing in third person.

While Tiff is traveling, I am trying to keep up blog stuff, and I am not always great at it. You may have noticed in the past few months, we have taken something of a summer break from the blog. It might just be an excuse to be lazy, but we both genuinely want to keep the content on this thing valuable, and not just content for the sake of it. If we are particularly uninspired, we choose not to publish anything, because the blog is a reflection of things we are passionate about, and not of things we feel obligated to do.

So forgive the gaps in our timeline, and if you need a little more C+T in your life, follow along on our Instagram pages, @caitandtiff, @tiff.tsang, @infinitiff, and @caitdeck. Tiff is better at posting all the pretty things, which is lucky for you, because you don’t really want photos of me in sweaty pilates clothes and my sad attempts at healthy eating. Literally no one cares about my fitness journey.

Have a great Wednesday x

And the photo is by Tiffany Tsang, of course.

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Photo Credit: Bri Hammond.

Hi team, hope your week is going well. Tiff is getting all the things done so she can get the heck out of dodge. Cait has turned her apartment into what is either a giant mood board, or a colorful attempt at solving a conspiracy theory. Not totally sure which one it is yet.

Basically me at NYFW.  If I ever wound up there.

This comes out this weekend in the US, and I am going to sit around with some tissues and do it.

My future life in Munich, right?

This whole show.

I am an It-superfan.  Therefore this.

I am NOT an It superfan, or even a fan of any kind. Therefore, this.

Anti-social extrovert.  My social life in three words.

All the colors, all in one place.

Such great words for the identity politics debate.

After a week of eating everything in sight, I just want simple, delicious food like this.


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C / A Year

ne and yen

Photo by Tiffany Tsang

It’s been a year and some change since I left Cambodia. I had a thousand reasons to leave, and I am so glad I did, but when September 3rd passed last week, I felt sad. Like a weird kind of empty sad, that caught me by surprise. I didn’t really get it, I had made those choices for myself, I had pushed hard in the right direction, and threw myself willingly into the relative free-fall of the last year. I am happier than I have been in a very long time, and yet, there was sadness?

With the help of an ugly cry and a very understanding set of ears to listen to me work through it, I realized that change, no matter what size or direction, is an adjustment. My life looks completely different now than it did a year ago, and I wouldn’t have ever imagined the amount of luck, love, and understanding that has come my way in the last year. But there is still something that feels like a mourning, for the past life, and a community that I miss dearly.

I am under the impression that change is a good thing, which I realize isn’t a particularly unique point of view. But because it leads itself so well to cliche, I often forget the gravity of change, and how long it takes my brain to catch up with my body. This time last year I was bouncing from couch to couch across the US, and I would’t be in my now-house for another 3 months. Change is weird and awkward and painful, but always, always important.

It’s nearly impossible for me avoid dipping into some version of self-help prose after a year of meditation, therapy, yoga, Brene Brown, and green juice, so I won’t even try. My impatience with the impact of change is the only thing about it that doesn’t surprise me. In true form, I just want to get through it and get on with things, but I am doing my best to quiet that spazzy voice just a little bit, and let those feelings come and go.

Overshare complete.


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T / unsolicited TIFF

Photo Credit: Haubitz + Zoche.

Okay, it’s that time of year again.  Whether you like it or not.  At this point, I’m surprised I don’t have a gambling addiction.  Last year’s winning pony was Moonlight.  This year, my bets are on a Norwegian psycho-sexual drama.  The festival started last week, so I’m a little late on this year’s selection.  But here goes…

So about that Norwegian psycho-sexual thriller.  It’s called Thelma.  Which I initially thought was going to be a family drama set in Oklahoma.  Nope.  Instead it’s Scandi-minimalist possibly sci-fi nuts things.  I just can’t wait.

When I first went through TIFF’s programme this year, I was really disappointed to see that it’s larger budget played it a little too safe.  Meaning: historical and very white (there are more than two WWII movies and too many period pieces), and where it wasn’t so white, it was Denzel Washington.  Enter Guillermo Del Toro to save the day.  I like a little bit of whimsy and this is not unlike when he dropped Pan’s Labyrinth at the festival over a decade ago.  The Shape of Water is all childlike in its wonder and the trailer is just gorgeous.  Also: Octavia Spencer.

Call Me By Your Name is sumptuous in its coming of age sexuality.  It says summer love all over it and who doesn’t enjoy Americans in a slow simmering affair?  Get me to Aix en Provence, stat.

I’m always looking for new narratives from voices that we don’t always get to hear from.  My small size foreign film selection this year comes by way of the Philippines, whose culture is not so indistinct from our own in the West.  When I lived in Manila, I couldn’t get over how familiar it was.  But when you step outside your affluent enclave, you couldn’t be further from the truth of what’s really happening in Duterte’s Philippines.  And perhaps that’s what makes Dark Is the Night so terrifying: that I can see it happening in all of my backyards.

This year’s Midnight Madness programme at TIFF veers towards the ridiculous.  Which I love.  But I’m also a fan of the classical horror film set in a haunted house and involving children.  Enter The Lodgers. It had me at “Shirley Jackson-esque.”  Cursed, orphaned twins in a haunted house.  I just saw It last night so naturally I’m picking this one.

I’m playing it terribly safe this year with my TIFF picks.  But maybe it’s because I’m looking to getaway from everything that’s happening around the world.  I even hear there’s a meteorite coming at us.  So perhaps my TIFF picks are a little more skewed towards the fantastic this year.  But if you’re interested in a variety of perspectives on the world, check out the TIFF master list.  I guarantee you’ll find something that will be exactly what you’re looking for.  By the way, I’ve also got a tiny little Greta Gerwig feature in my crosshairs and I couldn’t be a proud Asian-Canadian if I didn’t also tell you about Mina Shum’s latest.

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T / a little activism

I think the best forms of activism are the most subversive ones.  They require a little creativity an maybe a paintbrush.  They’re the ones that happen overnight or under your feet, and when they get released, it roars louder than the tweet that got the ball rolling in the first place.  And aren’t big wide walls just asking for it in the first place?  So when I was in San Francisco this past spring, my partner really wanted to check out Clarion Alley in the Mission District.  It’s a community in a city where the voice of increasing social inequality and the fight against gentrification and the whitewashing of neighbourhoods is really taking hold.  Where better to smack some sense into your compadres than on their commute?  I’m always so incredibly impressed by the people who can synthesize their feelings into beautiful acts of activism.  And social media these days means that these messages can get spread far and wide.  Just look at all of the responses to the tragedy of DACA just hours after its announcement.

What a week it’s been, right?  The world is on it’s toes and the anxiety and anger are bubbling towards something.  Good I hope.  So I thought I’d share some snaps I took of Clarion Alley today.  And I hope the dreamers, the creators and those most seriously affected by this week’s everything get a wall of their own.

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. Please request permission for use.  Cait+Tiff are not liable for paint stains on your new jeans.

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Artwork Credit: Hillary Bird

Tiff is trying to stay afloat.  Because apparently Mother Nature wants to go all Kevin Costner. Cait is trying to figure out what it means to “go all Kevin Costner.” Possible theories: 1. Wear baseball pants, be charming, and deliver fantastic monologues. 2. Have life flooded by rain and global warming, make raft and disappoint movie-goers. 3. Build it, and they will come. Thoughts? Cait is hoping it’s the last one.

These amazing jeans are about to be released!

And Cait is going to the pop up in New York tomorrow. WOOOOOOO.

Reader comments haven’t died!  They can be really good!

Are you following Bri? These adventures in Italy are making me so jealous.

The thing I’d love to get started in.

Seriously? Are we here? Do I think this might work? Kinda?

Avocado toast.  Let’s shout, murmur and really get into it.

Need some color inspiration? Me too. Check Stockholm fashion week.

A must read if you’re a blogger or wanting to get into it.

Why is everything she makes so good right now?


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C / hi again


Photo via DesignLoveFest

Hey there, it’s been a little while since I have written anything. Can I blame Mercury in retrograde? I am not 100% sure what that means, but people always say it when things are feeling off. I think the planets are going the wrong way? Something about the moon? My spirit animal is in the wrong orbit? I am honestly not making fun of it, I just don’t understand how it works, and I want to blame my problems on it.

Tonight, I am sitting on a couch in New York, with not that much more to say. I have to buy a dress for a fancy wedding this weekend, and I can’t make a damn decision. Can the planets handle that too?