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Photo Credit: Creema

Happy Wednesday, friends. Tiff’s behind on Instagramming, she’s gonna change that. Cait is writing a lot this week, and has been spending quite a bit of time with the salty chocolate chip cookies she made over the weekend. This is what pilates is for, life is about balance. And cookies. Hope you have an amazing week!

Not sure about having my eggs feeling cloudy.

I want tots so much now.

Digging this illustrator!

Don’t look up what your dreams mean, it won’t say what you want it to.

This club please let me in!

I’m so mad at all the people that killed They should have left Tommy Ton alone.

Definitely not this health conference.

Tiff, that is NOT a health conference. That’s snake oil, but with really pretty hair.

Ahhhh this revived this classic!!!

Sofia Coppola is the coolest, and sort of always looks like she is wearing jammies, which I totally respect.

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Photo Credit: Yoongi

Happy Wednesday, friends. Cait just woke up from a nap, because that is where she is in her life, professionally. It’s a sunny day in LA, but all she can focus on is this cool matte black manicure she got a few days ago, so you know, really taking advantage of her surroundings right now.  And Tiff is so freeeeee she almost forgot to do this.  Happy happy Wednesday/Thursday!!!

How have I never heard of Romance Was Born before now? Why has so much time been wasted?

Emily had the bestest time in Georgia and surrounds! Her photos are gorgeous!

Oooo pretty, and perfect for the beach. Who’s taking me to the beach?

Love the words this guy makes! And really digging into his creative process!

Apparently this song takes away anxiety.

First Anthropology, now J. Crew – what’s going on with all the big brands?

Theo James has facial hair! And is some sort of show or something.

Next time in Cali.

Happy Birthday, Prince.

Some good things happening in Russia. 

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Photo Credit: CosmicPrint via Victoria McGinley

Hi, happy Wednesday! Tiff’s, like, free as a bird this week, and it feels so good. Cait is not, but is happy to be back in her little LA life after two weeks in Illinois for wedding celebrations. Celebrations make Cait tired, and she’s kind of a giant baby when she’s tired. Hope your week is going well, here is some stuff to stop you from getting things done.

Minimalist wardrobe goals.

My favourite after school, pre-practice snack when I was a kiddo is now going mainstream!

Great little life things I’m gonna try thanks to Katie!

Gangs with business cards! From the 1960s and 70s! Cue design explosion.

Thing I want to do this weekend.  I don’t care who gets annoyed about it.

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Photo Credit: Food52

Hi, Welcome to your Wednesday, maybe Thursday. Tiff is finishing her short affair with office life and getting set free(lance) again soon! So she’s counting down those days. Cait is in the midwest, eating most of the cheese, writing speeches, and fulfilling her maid of honor duties for her best friend, Lenore. WEDDINGS ARE HARD WORK, someone should have said something.

Still California dreaming. I wish I could have visited this little off the beaten track spot in the desert.

This makes me happy/sad.

I would totally be on Team Montague.  Hawaiian shirts all the way.

Ooh, Cannes. Slideshow. Liya Kebede makes me feel bad for not wearing this every day.

Have been a fan of this dying brand.  But can’t say I was always proud of it.

Nothing is better than this dress. 

Snack time!

After a week of sleeping on couches, I am heading here as soon as I am back to LA.

Next week’s uniform!

Cait’s next week uniform!

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Photo Credit: Aaron Tilley for Kinfolk.

HI WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY! Tiff is officially back at it and shooting up all of Phnom Penh. Cait spent this Wednesday like a real professional, by getting a little tipsy on the beach in Malibu and destroying a bunch of seafood and texting people. It’s good to be a grown up. Hope you all had an equally happy day.

Such a great idea for packing!!!

How many time have I listened to this song this week? Infinity.

Wu Tang Clan’s sign language interpreter.  Drop mic.

Thoughts on boobs.

Thing I want for swim suit season…which is year round for me):)

I don’t usually care about this stuff, but I am still a little buzzed from the beach and she is WAY TOO GOOD FOR HIM.

Look ma, it’s cool to have multiple careers.

This is my favorite headline. Wait, no this is. 

All the ethical and sustainable fashion!

This collection makes me wish I tried to be a rodeo queen.

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Tiff is planning out all her California stories. But her head is still in the desert (obviously, see above). Cait is snuggling into LA this week, it’s been chilly and cloudy and it is not working for her cliché expectations of the city. How the hell is a girl supposed to get a tan with clouds? Hope you have a great week, full of sunshine, but not so much that it feels like Cambodia in May (Sorry, Tiff.)

For the hermit weekends. 

Helpful advice for time in the sun, since one of us has spent the last few years impersonating Powder.

I could probably eat these guys for breakfast forever.

Heading here tomorrow, and cannot wait to dive into all the pretty/healthy.

This would make for the perfect kinda Sunday.

Busy Phillips has the best Instagram stories in the game. Tune in now for Alanis karaoke.

As usual, love this site for getting all creepy into the lives on creatives.

Can’t wait for season two.

I love a chunk of these influential design ladies.

Even though it’s chilly in LA, I am dreaming of all Mara Hoffman everything.

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Photo Credit: Marta Greber

Oh my gosh. We’re back and it feels so good! Tiff is catching up on the Internet, because apparently she wasn’t at a desk clicking and clicking and clicking for the past 3 weeks. Cait bounced to the midwest for two weeks after Tiff and Co left, babysitting and maid-of-honoring, and is now back in LA, just in time to go to New York. When she moved to LA, she said she was going to stop traveling so much and just stay in one damn place, but she is clearly full of shit.

Just joined the Adidas fan club and even more happy about it because of this.

The Met Gala was Monday, in case you don’t have the internet. I am still pouring over photos, and though I have STRONG opinions on the best dressed, I am thrilled at all the crazy on the red carpet.

Buy this gorgeous book.

Such a great little mediation on what it means to write about your own culture’s food.

Cait will be in New York for a, um, New York minute (sorry) this weekend for this awesome conference. If she doesn’t see you she’s sorry.

Madonna in the making!

Oh this slideshow is actually better.

After traveling across continents with huge pieces of luggage, I should learn a bit of this.

Ok, I really want someone to describe me as Wilson Phillipsy before I die. And YAY HAIM!

OMG I can’t wait to see this.

In case you didn’t have enough reasons to love Seth Meyers.

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Photo Credit: Redwolf Tees via Miss Moss

Good morning. It’s sunny and hot in LA, and because it’s the middle of the night in Cambodia, it’s probably dark and hot. Busy week for both of us, and Cait is prepping for the invasion of Cambodian friends next week. You may be familiar with one of them.  Tiff is currently counting 10,9,8….

Temperatures are only rising in PP this month.  Here’s everything I will wear and not wear.

OOOO fancy tops. Fun fun.

It’s self imposed Romper Week, so I’m hungry for this.

I started watching this last week, and now I need 13 wigs.

This wonderful cover has been in my ears all week.

This album has been on non-stop in my house, and it goes very well with candles.

More things I want to wear!  Feet edition!

Maxine Waters is my hero.

Low key Tokyo is exactly what I want right now.

I want dis. Gimme dat.


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Artwork Credit: Warren King via HonestlyWTF

This week, Tiff is making bookings for that big trip in April! Cait is just staring at the clock and waiting for time to pass and Tiff gets here. Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

The first three months of 2017 have been a sprint for me.  So I’m investing in this.

I’m excited for this! I love Brie Larson.

Now that I have a desk job…this.

I used to laugh at horoscopes, but then I read my life as it is happening here. I am also freaked out that someone is watching me. Almost too spot on.

Hey Cait – let’s make a trip like this happen sometime!

Ok, Tiff!

This classic makes me cry.  Probably even harder in this day and age.

Lamé tuxedo. Lamé tuxedo. 

It’s 50°C here now.  But all I want his some hygge loungewear.


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Artwork Credit: Itamar Freed via Miss Moss.

Hi team, hooray for Wednesday! You are halfway there! This week is feeling long on our end, but I suppose that happens when you never know what day it is. Tiff is deep in at least 5 billion photos to edit this week, which is honestly kind of impressive. Cait has been flying around more than she wants to recently, and happy to get on the last plane ride for a while tonight. She loves LA, almost as much as she loves typing in third person. Hope you have a wonderful week!

This hat for April!

I am in love.

Typography again! This time it’s the bloody weapon in the Oscar’s flub!

Walk like this into every room.

I’m (supposed to be) clean eating this month, and I can’t wait to make this!

I’m not eating clean this month, and just ate all of this.

Reasons why I spend at least $20 each week on coffee.

Hey, Tiff, we are going here. Get all that clean eating out of the way now.

This weekend, my closet. This way.  Thank you Marie Kondo.

I want dis.