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T / who i’m wearing

Photo Credit: @kellysnapshappy

Oooh.  That blog post title sounds a little too Silence of the Lambs, doesn’t it?  But it’s a skin that fits.  Okay, enough of the murder-y puns.  Let’s get to it.  Instagram has pretty much influenced everything I’ve put on my body.  And then backed up by huge drives down the blog roll rabbit hole.  Power of social media, right?  But seriously, I can trace the inspiration to the handle.  Haircut (@streicherhair), romper (@denisebovee), face (@glossier), sandals (@courtneyadamo).  All somehow screenshot (even from Instastories) followed by an attempt at imitation.  That’s how trends happen, n’est pas?

So I thought I’d share some faves.  These ladies and brands are definitely not your typical unreachable fashion blogger that’s sponsored by Céline and has a million followers that probably originated from a click farm in India.  These guys are all homegrown.  They’re also professionals.   What they wear is accessible.  And they come from every corner of the world, so you get a glimpse of what’s going on over there.

Photo Credit: Ashley Streicher

@streicherhair, aka Ashley Streicher of the STRIIIKE salon in LA, is the source of my romper fixation.  (I’ve got 10 now).  She also has the best hair (and makes the best hair), the funnest life as a sought after hair stylist and it’s a family business.  Aspirational envy? Yes.

Photo Credit: Lee Vosburgh

@leevosburgh (aka StyleBee) is a homechick from my side of the border!  She’s also an incredibly talented designer and pusher of responsible fashion.  I dig all of that.  She’s really into the capsule wardrobe so every single one of her posts reflects that.  Also, that wardrobe!

Photo Credit: Samantha Wong

@samishome…another Canuck, but Samantha Wong is based in our shared homeland of Hong Kong.  She’s a prop stylist (so check out those flatlays!), but the clothes she wears shows the same due diligence.  Also, you get to see all the cool things and delicious eats that the tiny special administrative region with the divisive politics is all about.

Photo Credit: Siki Msuseni

@sikimsuseni hails from South Africa.  She’s also still in school while working as a stylist and thrift lover who really shows off what’s going on in fashion in Capetown.  The combination of the prep and the pattern is my fave.  But she does dabble in the minimal while showing off her city pride.



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C / together and stuff

Transitions are hilarious, easy, and always lots of fun without any confusion whatsoever. Or the opposite. Uprooting is a mess, and resettling is sort of like trying to make a house out of legos and rapidly melting ice cream. It’s a weird time, so I am calling in reinforcements, and tapping into some experts on how to keep my brain and body from exploding into a million pieces.

On Tuesday night, I attended Together, a traveling speaker series with Glennon Doyle Melton at the helm. You may know her blog, Momastery, or her book, Love Warrior. Her story is one of recovery and acceptance, with a huge amount of humor. She is monumentally brave with herself, highlights her vulnerability, and is above all, honest. She, along with host Jennifer Rudolf Walsh, have pulled together women from all walks of life, with incredible stories of bravery, love, and strength.

Right, so it’s a self-help-type thing, and my snarky, stubborn guts feels weird about things like this. They even gave you a little booklet where you write down your manifesto and strengths and dreams and a bunch of other things that are really hard to figure out in the allotted 45 seconds. My self-loving brain and my shit-talking brain had a long conversation about whether or not this is total garbage, and the self-loving side actually won.

Strangely enough, I like doing things that make me feel better about the hard parts of life, and I think it’s really valuable to listen to remarkable women talk about real, honest, vulnerable stuff. I get that this might sound like I’m elbow-deep in inspiring Pinterest quotes with stock photo sunsets in the background, but that’s fine.

So because I didn’t record the whole thing on my phone that really needs to be upgraded, below, are internet-provided clips of the ladies on stage. Honestly, these clips don’t do the  speakers justice, but you get the idea.

Glennon Doyle Melton

“We can do hard things.”

Dr Jaqui Lewis

“Friends, we need to vote like our lives depend on it, like our love depends on it.”

Seane Corn

“You only ever teach what it is you need to learn, quite frankly.”

Valarie Kaur

“We can tell our own stories, author our own articles, make our own films, launch new campaigns, influence government and the media, and organize through technology and innovation. We have the tools to make love public in ways we haven’t seen before.”

Gina Rodriguez

“You are enough today, and the second you accept yourself is the second everybody else around you does as well.”




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C / reformation


Sustainable-ish fashion companyReformation, has come back on my radar this week thanks to a conversation with Tiff. I was turned off by the company a few years ago, because it was feeling a little too Coachella-y, too waif-hipster, and too try-hard. I don’t know if it was the language they use, or the general vibe they put out, but I was was afraid I would have to attend music festival and wear offensive pseudo-Native-American gear. (Totally rational fear.) Tiff gave the argument that things are looking different these days, so I gave it another shot. I’m impressed.


Started in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, the company strives to use sustainable fabrics, good manufacturing practices, and make awesome clothes that fit a range of bodies. What I like about them today is not only their dreamy wrap dresses, but their transparency regarding their own practices.

The website reads:ref

The company isn’t perfect, but they aren’t saying that they are. The operations are a vast improvement from the common standard in the garment industry and they have nailed the user experience. On the website, any shopper, or general nosy person (hi!), can dig around without much effort and find out which fabrics they use, the employee benefits and what they are doing to make the company better. They have even made cool visuals like this one, to highlight the garment, but also show why that dress is better than the evil dress from Forever 21.


And it’s not just empty promises to make yourself feel better about buying a $120 slip dress that you could totally have made for $30 in Cambodia. The team at reformation uses crazy stuff like math and science to monitor their impact on the world and stays transparent about what works and what doesn’t.

Due to this giant professional crush I have on them right now, I went down the rabbit hole this morning and spent much too long perving on all their pieces, and there are a lot. They do constant design, rather than collection, which I honestly don’t feel great about. There are pages and pages of designs, and it feels like the clothing equivalent of the menu at The Cheescake Factory, it’s just too much. That being said, I am going to buy at least three of these things.





This post is not sponsored, because we don’t have sponsors.


All photos via Reformation 

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C / massive crush / kate mckinnon

kate-mckinnonIf you have talked to me in the last few days, it has probably been about Kate McKinnon. I saw Ghostbusters on Friday, and it’s been a full on love spiral ever since. There is a scene in the movie (not ruining anything here) where she has these blaster guns and goes nuts on some ghosts and I just lost my damn mind. It was so awesome.

In case you don’t know everything about her, like I might, she has been a shining star on Saturday Night Live for the past few years, and is known for her spot-on impersonations of Justin Bieber, EllenHillary Clinton, and my personal favorite, a woman abducted by aliensShe is a comedy hero, has made me fall out of my chair with laughter, and isn’t afraid to take on any character.

She also happens to be a total smoke show. It’s probably wonderful to be born with that face, but my unending crush doesn’t come from a face alone. She knows how to carry herself on a red carpet, and she/her stylist has great taste. She is one of the first openly gay cast members of SNL, got her start on The Big Gay Sketch Show, and I am sending big high fives to her lady, Marla. Nice work. True to form, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and seems to be enjoying the ride.

kate-bluwIn Versace at the Ghostbusters premier.

kate-blackAt the Emmy’s in J Mendel.

kate-whiteGorgeousness from her feature in Elle.

I hope this one doesn’t stop moving. The more I see, the more I love. I also just found out she is younger than me, so I am dealing with that a little bit.

Go see Ghostbusters, now-ish, and join the Kate Crush Club. caitsig