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C / Emma and Zady


Photo via @emmawatson

I love a good collaboration. I love it even more when it involves one of my favorite public figures and one of my favorite companies. Emma Watson and Zady have come together to promote ethical and sustainable fashion and are currently launching their collaborative collection. So far, there are only three pieces available to pre-order, but they are solid. The shiny-objects side of my brain was hoping for more items, but they are staying true to the less-is more principle, and focusing on three timeless pieces you can wear forever.

Hermoine Granger  Emma Watson has been a badass since she was like 6, and I have a ton of respect for her for using her fame-powers for good, and generally choosing to be an awesome person in an industry that does not require that of her. This collection is anther example of her pushing forward businesses that are doing things the right way, and proving what a Gryffindor she is.




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T / happy monday / gorgeous scrolling


Photo Credit: Hannah Kristina Metz

So lately, I’ve discovered a new obsession in my Instagram scrolling.  Smoothie bowl flat lays are just not doing it for me anymore.  Instead, I’m all about the talented lady-uber-illustrator.  They’re on your books, in your books, and should be all over your walls.  I can’t wait to get the print on as a result.  Follow these five ladies and get their work stat.

leah-reena-goren-instagram-gridI discovered Leah Reena Goren from the cover of this summer’s must read.  Her Instagram is bright and that’s exactly what I love about it.

Artwork Credit: Justina Blakeney

Artwork Credit: Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney might literally be all over your walls.  And I love learning about the inspiration behind each new collection (sometimes I can’t tell the difference between a photo and something she’s produced!).  Her Instagram (and therefore life) is exactly that.


Artwork Credit: Rhiannon Johnson

I cannot believe that I can call the uber talented Rhiannon Johnson a friend!  I feel like each time we get together, I learn that she is incredibly talented in another creative element.  She’s also an incredible person.  So you should absolutely check out her masterful illustrations at her handle @papernpenh.  I’m not using that word lightly.  I seriously want to get some of these on my walls.

libby-instagram-gridLibby Van Der Ploeg is the lady behind all the artwork for Grace Bonney’s book tour.  She also creates so many other beautiful things and you should absolutely ❤ everything on her Instagram.

Artwork Credit: Gabriella Sanchez

Artwork Credit: Gabriella Sanchez

The colours and lines that Gabriella Sanchez uses just scream “PRINT ME!!”  When I discovered her (by way of the wonderful products @shopbando), I knew I had found another spirit artist.  Gabriella’s Instagram showcases everything she does and I just wish I was closer to getting all those things.

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T / cover me, will ya?

Photo Credit: Robin Lam for Make Things Well

Photo Credit: Robin Lam for Make Things Well

Maybe it all started with this photo of all the ladynauts going up to space this year. Or perhaps I owe it all to the lady Ghostbusters.  But somewhere this year, I got obsessed with onesies.  I’d been resisting them for years.  They’re so awkward to get in and out of.  But I always admired the converts.  Then Cait designed my first pair and I was HOOKED.

So I’ve been steadily increasing my little collection of rompers this year. They’ve become a staple in my wardrobe and a uniform of sorts.  I’m even putting together a bunch that will serve me well on shoot days.  Details so I can get down and get all the toddler shots while sopping up all the sweat and staying light and airy.  Rosie Riveter meets the tropics, right?

Here’s the thing tho.  I’ve got to be careful with the shape.  According to my bestie blog wifey stylist awesome person in general Cait, I have an hour glass figure.  So a smaller waist, but big hips.  I’ve got broad shoulders to boot.  I also can’t look like a toddler.  Fitted is a good idea.  Loosey goosey, not so much (though it’s a fantasy) .  So I’m experimenting with shapes ATM.  But I’m convinced this look isn’t just for the

And I decided to look at a couple of awesome ladies for their looks.

Photo Credit: Ashley Streicher

Photo Credit: Ashley Streicher

Ashley Streicher is the youngest of the LA-based beauty trifecta sisterhood of STRIIIKE.  She’s a badass at the hair thing (no seriously, check out her client log).  And when I saw her in these tomboy coveralls, I stalked hard.  Like real hard.  In my head, she needs these one pieces to suit her life and work.  So pockets are a must.  Movement is key.  So is comfort.  These jumpsuits meet all the needs.  They’re the perfect shoot uniform.  But there’s that thing about fit.  I’m not exactly lithe.


Jumpsuits by Caron Callahan (left) and Rachel Comey (right).

Photo Credit: Aleksandra Zee

Photo Credit: Aleksandra Zee (here, here, here and here)

And that’s where wood lady artist Aleksandra Zee comes in.  I’ve admired her work for years now.  As well as her perfect overalls. Holy crap.  They wrap around her hips perfectly.  After gawking at her work, I immediately noticed how all of her workwear pieces fit her body so well.  Words can’t describe how much I dig all her pieces.  Especially those overalls.  I’m currently inspired by these Madewell and Need Supply pieces.  They’re a little on the loose side, but with the right tailor, they could just work.


Overalls by Madewell (left) and Need Supply (right).


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C / shiny objects


Photo via Samuel Quinn

I’m not really a glitter person. I respect it, because I understand it’s power, but I tend to keep a safe distance. A lot of the traditional dresses in Cambodia tend to err on the side of lace, dipped in glitter, rolled in sequins, and it sort of makes me itchy to look at.

Recently, I have been getting into the well-placed sparkle, shimmer, and shine. Cruising through Shopbop at lunch and found a few things that I didn’t expect to like, but I do. These two stunners from Malene Birger bring a different, more subtle take on traditional sparkle. Somehow, these shiny numbers seem almost, tomboy. I love them.

shinyHave a shiny weekend!


All photos via Shopbop.

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C / resort 2017


I love the Resort shows every year. The clothes are relaxed, a little bit more fun, and it certainly feels like there is a bit of wiggle room to play. Designers don’t have to make giant art pieces with drama everywhere all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love the drama, I love the weird cage faces and totally impractical shoes and ripped up leather and 20 miles of tulle. I love it. But Resort collections are chill, and non-model, full-grown humans can wear the clothes. They look comfortable.

I have rounded up a few of my favorite things from the recent Resort shows, and happy to see the leafy prints, the nod to Mexican folklore, and the casual ruffles that are freaking everywhere right now. Hooray for clothes I want to picnic in!

Giambattista Valli ResortGiambattista.jpg

Alexander McQueenmcqueen





Rosie Assoulinrosie-2


…and a second from Rochas because I am in LOVE.


Peter Pillotopilloto

Louis VuittonLV

Prabal Gurungprab

And now I want to go put on a gauzy dress and float through a damn daisy field. No daisies in Cambodia…plan ruined.

Have a dreamy day. caitsig




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T / le bucket bag


Photo Credit: Killian and Co.

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t be carrying around a camera that weighs a small baby.  Instead of the life-in-a-bag carrying schlub that I tend to err towards, I’d love my relationship with my bag to be light and effortless (never going to happen).  My mother somehow channeled this when I was growing up.  I remember childhood trips to Hong Kong with my family in which my mom, helming three very small rambunctious children with every single manner of irrational and medical needs, managed to carry everything in a single Lacoste bucket bag.  The memory of that magic bag with the tassels stuck.  I even asked about it two decades on, and sadly, it was already in someone else’s pre-loved collection.  Ever since then, I’ve been on the hunt for a new one.  I actually already have three treasures from vintage hunts, but the perfect one is still out there.  Sturdy, cute, effortless, the perfect balance of minimalist and boho, either good sturdy leather or the thickest of canvas, and able to carry a small baby of a camera. These are some faves. 





Bucket Bag by Mansur Gavriel in Raw and Flamma.

Bucket Bag by Mansur Gavriel in Raw and Flamma.

Momo Bucket Bags, via Miss Moss.

Momo Bucket Bags, via Miss Moss.

Also I couldn’t leave you without this perfect shot.


Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag, via DesignLoveFest.

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T / new eyes

Photo Credit: The Toasted Coconut

Photo Credit: The Toasted Coconut

In a perfect world, I’d only be mildly myopic and I would have a rotating slew of eyewear.  There would be so many colours and shapes, patterns, the whole shebang.  Each pair would cost less than $75 and it wouldn’t be a big deal if I accidentally fell asleep on top of them. Perfect face bling. I’d be Warby Parker’s favourite customer*. In reality, I am terribly myopic (with astygmatism!), so my optics wind up costing me a heck of a lot more.  It’s been like that since I was a kid, so picking up glasses became a terribly fraught exercise of picking the perfect pair of glasses that would be able to hold very thick lenses, (yes, I’m that blind) and  last me a couple of years (sometimes three depending on my budget).  So having a timeless pair was a must. It wasn’t until I met Jacques, an optician who works in the wonderful outer suburbs of Toronto (you know – where all the Chinese shopping plazas are).  The man could just take one look at my face and my prescription and have two to three perfect pairs for me to choose from.  Voila.  I’ve taken some notes from him since, so finding new eyes has become a fairly easy exercise for me.

I’d spent such a long time with frames that were on the heavier side.  You know. The ones you wear to be taken seriously.  So this time around I decided to err on the lighter side (photo to come!).  Librarian chic one could say and wound up with a more delicate set of frames from Calvin Klein in tortoise shell.  Thinner arms, rounder rims. but still suiting my oval face shape (because there are so many rules!).

Okay. Too many words.  Basically, I really like shopping for glasses. I wish I could do it more often. But then I wouldn’t be able to go to places like where I’m heading to tomorrow (stay tuned).  Instead, I thought I’d share some of the frames I’m coveting, and hoping will still be in style two years from now.


*I’ve actually never had the joy of shopping at Warby Parker.  Living overseas kinda hinders the joy of the at home optician.

Photo Credit: Percey in Crystal by Warby Parker.

Photo Credit: Percey in Crystal by Warby Parker.

So when I was 20, one of my bosses was a particularly bespoke Italian who rocked a pair of crystal frames and I haven’t been able to get them out of my mind ever since.  11 years later, they’re clearly still in, but I haven’t built up the cojones to get a pair.  One day.

Photo Credit: Barton Perreira.  Similar here.

Photo Credit: Barton Perreira. Similar here.

Stonehenge.  What a colour. Barton Perreira is a relatively new player on the optics market.  I’m digging.

Photo Credit: Stockton by Warby Parker

Photo Credit: Stockton by Warby Parker

These guys are so similar my new eyes. They look a lot friendlier than a pair I would gravitate to in my 20s.  Let’s just say that this new decade brings a bit more lightness.

Photo Credit: Cairo by Prism

Photo Credit: Cairo by Prism

Cat eyes! Oh my gosh I’ve wanted to rock these since forever.

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C / the next round


Between job hunting, working on custom pieces, and honestly trying to sty awake, I decided it would be a good idea to get a second collection going. Always make choices when you are strung out and exhausted, that’s what I say.

Just at the beginning bits of it right now, but pulling together a few things that I like looking at, thing that inspire me, and the feel that I want for the next collection. These are a few of them.








1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 8

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T / uniform, vol.1 (new series!)

This one has been a long time coming.  We are constantly surrounded by the most talented, smartest, wonderful women.  Seriously, Phnom Penh is a cool lady town.  And they’re stylish to boot, bringing pieces together from all the places they’re from, are currently, or have been.  I wanted to capture all of this on my camera and make it a monthly feature while I’m at it.  Every outfit is a winner, so let the uniform games begin!

WWWW---Julia-Header--4Julia’s one of the wonderful people we are so lucky to be friends with in Phnom Penh.  In reverse chronological order: she’s one of the bestest jewelry models, she shot the heck out of Cait’s first show (here, here, here, and here), she directs the bejeesus out of the communications department for a local organization that helps people in southeast Asia access clean water, and before her move to Asia, she was a producer for Canada’s national public broadcaster (our NPR to my American friends).  Also, she’s from Toronto.  Need I say more?

Uniform123I see Julia pretty much every work day morning in a week.  We’ll just have finished some crazy early workout, and I’ll emerge out of the locker room, as quickly as possible,  in whatever I decided was clean and borderline viable for the office, with my hair all over the place.  But Julia, a few minutes later, will saunter out in her typically super happy post-workout cheer looking absolutely perfect in what could only be described as the perfect uniform.  I couldn’t help but notice how put together she is, while still carrying some bright or fun element (check out that Khmer Creations necklace fashioned out of a spoon!), and always bicycle ready (which also means uber comfortable).  Each outfit always looks really light while also fitting her so well. Her pieces come from all over, some skinny fit pants from back home, tailored pieces from Phnom Penh, very cute flats and bags from Chatuchak Market, the list goes on.  So naturally, I had to shoot the heck out of her.  And that’s exactly what we did for a week this past month.


Thank you Julia for being our inaugural Uniform model!  Check back next month to see who I capture next!


PS: 8am light is amazing!


All photos by Tiffany Tsang.  Please request permission for use.  Cait+Tiff are not liable for any minimalist fashion binges.

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Hi, I’m in LA. Sorry for the super late post. I’m sure 3 of you care.

I have spent a lot of my life not liking LA. I knew nothing about it, of course, and had been through the city on my way to Disneyland, maybe twice. It was the Hollywood stuff, the “epicenter of vanity”stuff that I didn’t like. The Kardashians aren’t helping the case.

I am here now, looking at sustainable fashion jobs, and sort of actually like it. I’m hanging out downtown, at a very hip coffee shop, trying not to stare. The coffee is great, the people watching is phenomenal, and I wish I showered this morning. Honestly, I just want to write about the people I’m looking at, but that’s weird, right? I shouldn’t do that.

Things that have happened in LA that make me love it:

The airbnb we are staying is right downtown and is about 3 floors up. It’s high enough to drown out the traffic noise, but not high enough to miss the drumming concert that went on for three hours the first night.

 Getting up early to go to Eggslut only to find out that about 400 people had the exact same idea. Forced to walk around Grand Central Market and have one of the best bagel and smoked sturgeon (out of New York) at Wexler’s deli. Crisis averted 

Met an amazing friend at the opera and saw La Boheme. Started the night with quesadillas and pink champagne. Ended the night with an old fashioned at a bar that felt like the Natural History museum had a baby with a saloon girl from the gold rush.

The lady at Guisados knew my name after 24 hours.  

Bought a $5 chocolate eclair at Bottega Louie and destroyed it in an elevator. Not sorry.

This place is kind of fantastic, and it’s messing with all of my stereotypes. I’m going to have to find a new place to judge blindly.