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T / happy monday / time for denim

Photo Credit: Kat Irlin for JeanStories

Photo Credit: Kat Irlin for JeanStories

So I woke up this morning and it felt like winter had arrived.  I know you’re thinking – “Tiff, you’re Canadian.  There is no way in hell +30° C feels like -2°C (which is what the temperatures actually are in Phnom Penh and Toronto right now, respectively).”  But it is.  When the temperature drops by a couple of points, you notice it.  This means: I get to wear pants (or trousers to all whom take offense to pants).

But then I went through my closet and was appalled by what I found.  Pretty much everything was low-rise.  Clearly these decisions had been made before 2012, or the years I refer to as “oh remember when I could eat like the Gilmore Girls?”.  I also have made a profound effort not to wear anything that required a struggle to pull on over sweaty legs.

Basically, my body has changed.  Which means I get to replace a big piece of my wardrobe!  These days I’m the hugest fan of Ashley Graham.  She’s helped me to embrace my shape and has a few tips on how to buy jeans.  I’m currently looking these guys (or should I say ladies?), which Cait turned me onto. These tips are magical.  So is Ashley Graham. I mean, how could you not?

PS – Embrace the booty.



C / green linen crop top thing

Because it was so much fun to show off last Tuesday, I am doing it again. Still designing, still having pretty things made by someone with better motor skills than I have. This experiment came in yesterday and I think its good enough for my booty and the Internet.


Booty brought to you by donuts.

The separates are linen and lined with a super soft cotton. I wore it to a BBQ over the weekend and was sweating mostly from my face, and not everywhere else, which is a win for Phnom Penh. I get that the look won’t work in most ‘Fall Collections’ but again, we live in eternal summer, so crop tops are actually relevant year-round.

Bringing this bad boy to New York next week, so let the real judgement begin.