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T / happy monday / winter lights, winter beats


Photo Credit: Tobias Hägg

One thing I really miss about living in Toronto is the light.  There’s something about light in a low winter sun.  How it bounces off the snow and right at your face first thing in the morning.  How sharp and yellow it is.  This video was so obviously shot sometime in the late fall in the northeast (probably New York City).  I can just tell.  If we were in a bitingly cold climate, as some of you are in now (some would call it a polar vortex), I’d be packaged in a big ol’ parka, and my ears would be filled with this particular song.  It just fits winter so well.  I’ll have to be satisfied with listening to this song for now.  Winter might not be all that great for some, but there’s something I miss about cold, wet, feet.  Let the list of things I miss about winter flow.

Also Carly Rae Jepsen in a magical duet and some talented peeps with the fanciest (neither wet, nor cold) feet. I wouldn’t expect any less from Blood Orange.