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This beautiful, crisp in every detail, delicious city was my second stop after my mad dash through London.  And I couldn’t have been more thankful for the calm this place wrapped me in.  My equally delicious friends Jo and Janice welcomed me with open arms, the best eats, wheels and beautiful (very Scandinavian) apartments.  Copenhagen is hygge in every way possible and it is not just confined to its long winters. Everyone is beautiful.  Danes are as tall as skyscrapers, or this is how I felt from 5’4″ and in flats. I’ve been dreaming about the place ever since I left and absolutely have plans to go back as soon as possible.

Copenhagen-Wander---I basically arrived in Copenhagen at the very best time possible.  The sun was out and it never really did set while I was there.  Jo gave me the instructions to rent a bicycle as soon as possible (which are the best instructions ever).  But first, I had to walk.  And by walk, I mean, head to 12hrs for their amazing guide to Copenhagen and follow nearly every step with my trusty GoogleMaps app.  I can’t even begin to describe how blissful this wander was.  And I managed to hit up not only the uber-hip Nørrebro neighbourhood (and the crazy beautiful Acne Archive), where I felt instantly at home, but also my fair share of parks.  In keeping with my high weird-loving qualities, I took a break in the Assistens Kirkegården (better known as the cemetery where beloved Hans Christian Andersen is buried). I don’t just love hanging out in old cemeteries (I really do), but I also love heading underground and made my way to the Cisternerne in Søndermarken Park across the city in Frederiksberg.  Super spooky and candlelit, these old water tunnels are now so well curated with the occassional art exhibition.  If you’re weird like me (or not), definitely head over here for a nice stroll.

Copenhagen---City-GridLike I mentioned above, do rent a bicycle the moment you get into this super bike friendly city.  I’ve never had a more comfortable and happy journey on two wheels anywhere else.  Cycle shops, which are pretty much everywhere, will rent you wheels at prices ranging from 70 to 100 DKK per day (1 USD = 6.63 DKK).  A lane for cyclists and cyclists only: free.


Copenhagen---Eat-BannerIf Danish design is known for clean lines and simplicity, then the same can be said for its food.  Every bite I took in this city was perfect, sparse in the number of ingredients, and so incredibly satisfying.  My mission in the city was its signature smørrebrød. I’ve been waiting for these guys since forever. And inside the culinary mecca of the Torvehallerne, I got to meet two of these open faced delicious layered beauties at Hallernes Smørrebrød.  Each was a work of art.  And I was probably considered a glutton by consuming two of them. Mission accomplished.


Clockwise from upper left: Radish salad with powdered tomato at Aamaan Etablissement, testing out a cortado at Palaeo, cod ceviche with green strawberries and beef tatar with picked currants and urtemayo, both at Rebel

Now that we’ve gotten the smørrebrød out of the way, onto the goodies.  Sure, I tried getting a table at Noma three months in advance, but there’s so much more this city has to offer.  And I’m so grateful for friends who are just as food obsessed as me.  My first night in the city, Janice immediately whisked me off to Aamanns Etablissement (Øster Farimagsgade 12) for the most delightful little four course tasting menu, which was more than enough for Janice and I to share.  Everything was topped with elderflowers.  Food has never been prettier.  Or daintier with all the tiny dishes that left us so very satiated.  My last meal in the city was at the equally delicious Rebel (Store Kongensgade 52).  Once again, each dish was small and fresh, but packed a massive punch.  There is no better way.

PS – Aamanns also sell its signature smørrebrød at the airport too.  If you’re like me, you’ll need just one more before leaving.


Copenhagen---Play-BannerWhen I first announced my travel dates to Jo, I was immediately informed we’d be heading directly into Distortion. It’s described as the “annual party-tsunami,” and a “week-long cavalcade of of 111+ dancefloors on beautiful squares and in ugly warehouses.”  And yes it was.  With the sun only setting near midnight, Copenhagen makes for the perfect city with a publicly sanctioned outdoor rave.

02---Norrebro-DistortionAnd where better to start party activities than the Meat Packing (Kødbyen, which literally means ‘meat city’) district?  Where all the cooler-than-cool kids are dressed head to toe in black of course.


Recover-HeaderSo after two nights of non-stop dancing, I had to call it quits and accept that I’m now on the other side of thirty.  So I slowly rode my bike through almost painfully sunny streets to meet Jo for brunch at his prescribed Dyrehaven (Sønder Blvd. 72).  The morgenmadstallerken (or morning plate) of eggs benedict, muesli and avocado toast was exactly what I needed to soak up all that Tuborg.

Next, Jo tooks us to catch our rays at the Papirøen.  Not just a destination for street food that’s been housed in an old paper factory, the pier on which the reclaimed building stands makes for the perfect place to get all that vitamin D before the long winter begins again.  As a Canadian, I know this feeling well.


PapiroenSo that was Copenhagen.  It was beautiful. I am wistful that I’m not currently there.  Three days was clearly not enough and I’ve got my eye for an Airbnb flat in Nørrebro that’s filled with light and crisp white sheets and clean lines everywhere.  I didn’t even get any shopping in this trip, so yet another excuse to make it back.  Till next time, Copenhagen.  And thanks to Jo, Janice, and 12hrs Guides for the best recommendations!  Next week, I’ve got details on my roadtrip through the south of Spain!

All photos by Tiffany Tsang.  Please request permission for use.



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Photo Credit: Prue Stent

Photo Credit: Prue Stent

So sleepy. So hungry. Leaving for Myanmar trip tomorrow and only about 1/3 of the way through my to do list today. Tiff and I spent time at a women and entrepreneurship event this morning, and it was great learning what other interesting ladies are doing in Phnom Penh. We left early and had a fitting for my Jackie-inspired client at noon. Tiff took photos, I changed a few things and then had to cancel on lunch. This disappointed my favorite three year old and now I feel hangry and sad. This burger better get here fast. We hope your Wednesday is a little bit less hectic, and it you need a happy/good news break, here are a few distracting links. Happy Wednesday!

Really want to start doing this with the apartment.

Creatives in their places.  New fave site and beyond inspirational.

Love this idea, and think it could make Yoga a little more exciting. Now come to Cambodia!

Now if only Club Monaco had pop up stores in Copenhagen on my schedule.

Yeah, he would totally be in Slytherin.

You had me at “a wonderland of monochromatic shapes,” Dawn Ng.

Everlane has a new silk line that I want to live in.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead looks just wonderful in this little new film.

FLOTUS looked amazing, as usual, on her trip to SE Asia. Love the Alice and Olivia dress she wore in Siem Reap. Also good job on the positive messaging.

I want all of these in adult size, please.

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Photo Credit: We're obsessed with Tiny Atlas

Photo Credit: Matthew Monteith for Tiny Atlas.

It feels like a broken record to say that we are having a busy week. So I won’t say it. We have had a lot of ups and downs recently, and a fair amount of scrambling to get things together. Among other things, this week has been full of a lot of recalibrating, shaking everything out and getting it back together. We are heading back to Kep this weekend, for a much needed break from the city. We are going with a fun group of grown ups who act like children, along with their actual children. I have already packed the pool toys and Bloody Mary mix, and naturally, Tiff’s got a mixtape or six.

My favorite over-emoter, Rachel Zoe has a new maternity line for Pea in the Pod, and its very sweet.

My new favourite writer, and editor-at-large for Condé Nast Traveler, took over their Instagram this past weekend!

I love this perspective on mirrors and judgement.

I wanna dance like all these guys, but particularly the little Asian kid.

Super into Shailene’s dress. Damn, girl.

I’m going to Copenhagen in 3 months and I need to get my style in line! Naturally, this is where I’m getting my fashion inspo.

Can’t wait to get here next week!

I wish I could have a pro-blog-ready photo-log of how my style has changed through the years.

This little site makes travel dreaming even more fun.

Phnom Penh faves through the eye of a young Khmer architecture buff.

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C+T / top five

top-five-headerThere are always things that are making us happy during the week.  So we decided to share them with you!

Cait: dulce de leche

I don’t really know how this started, i think it was when Alissa made alfajores and I was transported back to my days of backpacking with my best friend in Argentina, and eating dulce de leche out of the jar. It so weird that I gained all that weight there…I have been making it, giving it away, and putting it on everything this month. No signs of slowing down.

Tiff: cortado

Ever since Corbett started the soft open of the Kettlebell Café (more on that next week!) at Crossfit Amatak, none of my mornings have been complete without this little glass of a one to one ratio of espresso and foamy milk.  I’m a diagnosed coffee addict, so you can imagine how I’m reeling after a 630am work out.  This cup of wonder solves the sweaty zombie problem.  The good company that comes with the coffee is nice too.


Photo Credit: Brooks Brothers, Tonlé

Cait: Brooks Brothers Man Shirt

My mom gave me this for Christmas and it show up about 2-3 times/week. It’s big enough that it’s somehow cozy and cool at the same time, but doesn’t look gigantic. I have it in white, so it feels classic, especially when I drop my pad thai down the front. (Tide pens were created for me.)

Tiff: Tonlé Kampot Skirt ($32 USD, available in Tonlé’s Phnom Penh boutique)

Last year I got to try this skirt on at a super fun photo shoot for Tonlé.  I loved it so much, the way it draped, and hugged my curves and flaunted what I struggle to heart about my body. So of course I had to take it home with me.  Now it’s my go-to piece for cocktails with the girls, date night, or an evening of live music and dancing.  I’m currently sad it’s in the laundry.

Photo Credit: kahle1bd and sögreni

Photo Credit: kahle1bd and Velorbis

Cait: Japan

I want to go back. I think about how I can get there on the daily and dream of slurping noodles in crowded alleys and chillin’ with monkeys in hot springs. Its a thing.

Tiff: Copenhagen

In June, I’m heading to Copenhagen to see my amazing, super smart, saving the world from obesity and its discontents friend Jo.  I can’t wait.  In preparation, I’m watching this, and planning to see the city by cycle while Jo’s at work.

jan-30---hear-seeCait: The Imitation Game

I saw this a few weeks ago, and it hasn’t left my brain. It was profound and beautiful and sad. And how bouncy was Kiera Knightly’s hair?

Tiff: In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

I’m all soaking up all the photography and layout skillz right now, so when I saw this coming on, my week got better.  Getting to know the ladies behind the photos and the looks is exactly what I need right now.

Photo Credit: Pocket Yoga, Davines and Xtava

Photo Credit: Pocket Yoga, Davines and Xtava

Cait: Pocket Yoga App

This thing is awesome. It has different classes, music, class lengths and backgrounds. I am partial to the desert class. There is a very nice lady that feels like a real yoga teacher taking you through each class. In the last few weeks, it has made me less crazy and I can touch my forehead to my knees now, which makes me look crazy anyway. Success.

Tiff: Davines Curl Building Serum and Xtava Collapsibe Diffuser

When I got my hair chopped off last year, Vaughn decided to work with the natural waves I have and build it to this great wavy curly ‘do that I’m so digging and will get out every so often these days.  He taught me how to build this look using a curl building serum by Davines and this nifty collapsible diffuser that I can bring with me on travels.  I’ve been avoiding the diffuser since I thought it would take ages to set, but I was basically wrong.  10 minutes.  Bam.  So happy about this new look.