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Photo Credit: We're obsessed with Tiny Atlas

Photo Credit: Matthew Monteith for Tiny Atlas.

It feels like a broken record to say that we are having a busy week. So I won’t say it. We have had a lot of ups and downs recently, and a fair amount of scrambling to get things together. Among other things, this week has been full of a lot of recalibrating, shaking everything out and getting it back together. We are heading back to Kep this weekend, for a much needed break from the city. We are going with a fun group of grown ups who act like children, along with their actual children. I have already packed the pool toys and Bloody Mary mix, and naturally, Tiff’s got a mixtape or six.

My favorite over-emoter, Rachel Zoe has a new maternity line for Pea in the Pod, and its very sweet.

My new favourite writer, and editor-at-large for Condé Nast Traveler, took over their Instagram this past weekend!

I love this perspective on mirrors and judgement.

I wanna dance like all these guys, but particularly the little Asian kid.

Super into Shailene’s dress. Damn, girl.

I’m going to Copenhagen in 3 months and I need to get my style in line! Naturally, this is where I’m getting my fashion inspo.

Can’t wait to get here next week!

I wish I could have a pro-blog-ready photo-log of how my style has changed through the years.

This little site makes travel dreaming even more fun.

Phnom Penh faves through the eye of a young Khmer architecture buff.