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C / alissa, in two pieces


Ok, Alissa is not is physically two pieces. That would not be cool, and I certainly would never put that on a blog, no matter how much art school I go to. Focus. Alissa, our dear friend who has been seen all over the blog (here, here, here) brought back a bunch of sweet fabric from Tanzania a few months ago. I was so excited about it that I did a whole post on inspirations for it here. We have had a ton of fun going over different style, fits, shapes and designs. The whole process took a long time, because we changed things along the way. (Cap sleeves? No sleeves? Shorter? Longer? Ball gown? Duffel bag?) I am really happy with the two piece that we decided on.


She wears it like a boss, and I love the little peak of midriff that says “I’m sassy, but I am a damn grown up.”



So glad this turned out as it did. I love how relaxed she is in it, and the changes were certainly worth it. It’s really fun seeing friends so happy.

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. Please request permission for use.



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C / a wedding dress


When Tiff told me that her Crossfit coach, Jenny, wanted me to make her wedding dress, my obvious reply was “Why?” I had never made a wedding dress, and at that point, I had only ever designed a few non-wedding dresses. I was sure that Tiff was just being nice. When it was confirmed that a woman I had never met, did in fact trust me enough to design her wedding dress, I was equal parts flattered and terrified. I didn’t know Jenny, but I knew I didn’t want to eff up her wedding with a crappy dress.


We met, and she was awesome. (She’s still awesome, but this is a story: past tense) She was full of energy, kind, funny, and somehow managed to balance running the shop at Crossfit without sounding like a cult leader. In our first meeting, she was laid back, a joy to be around, and generally excited to get married. We went over a few styles and concepts, set up a Pinterest page and shared ideas for a few weeks. She decided on a relaxed, beachy vibe, something flowy with lace, but without going full flower-child.


Let’s go back a little bit. I don’t know anything about lace. Well, I do now, but at the time of this design, I was googling the hell out of all my materials, and honestly didn’t know how different kinds of lace would work with designs. There are a million kinds of lace, some of it horrible, some of it gorgeous. She wanted a dress that hit just below the knee, and talked about dying it after, so she could wear it as a cocktail dress. We settled on a fairly simple design, with a few pretty details, and I am really happy with how it turned out. More importantly, so is she.


At the tailor, nit-picking details.


Beautiful, happy Jenny on her wedding day.


And they lived happily ever after.

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. Please request permission for use.


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C / rough drafts / alissa

alissa-fabric-header Our wonderful friend, Alissa, has given me three pieces of gorgeous fabric to work with for her pieces. Two are bright, unique and gorgeous fabrics from Tanzania, the third is a print from Cambodia. We are going to do three different pieces (potentially four, but she doesn’t know that yet) and the first one will be a work dress, using the Cambodian print.

Unless you happen to be Victoria Beckham, a lot of work dresses tend to lean toward the very very boring. Alissa is not boring, and I don’t want this dress to be. That being said, we need to lock it up a little bit, to make sure she can wear it when she meets with Cambodian government officials and old dudes in Geneva.

This print (seen above) is interesting and beautiful, has a bit of a floral vibe, but doesn’t go too far into girlytown. I want to make something that feels powerful and beautiful, which shouldn’t be hard to do on such an awesome lady.

Inspiration so far…


The first drawings…


don’t worry, Alissa has hands and feet in real life

Meeting with Alissa tonight to discuss the details for this dress and the Tanzania pieces. If you want to know more about Alissa’s adventures finding these fabrics and other treasures, you can read her guest post that she wrote for us a few months ago. It’s so great.

More soon!

Inspiration photos from here and here.