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T / happy monday / illustrating hell


Photo Credit: Emanuele Tortora

There is a routine to each visit I make to Tini, the indeed tiny and bespoke cafe just 500m from my home.  I order a latte with an extra shot of espresso and I make my way upstairs and linger at one particular member of Tini’s collection of art and design literature.  And it’s kinda grisly.  But I just had to share it.

Fabrica is one of the world’s eminent research centres in the field of communications. It’s also the training ground for young social catalysts that it breeds every year.  They occasionally get commissioned for projects. And in the lucky case of Italian readers, a couple of young artists took on the task of creating the deathly beautiful illustrations that accompany Dante’s Inferno.  So during a binge throughout Fabrica’s Vimeo library, I stumbled across this gem detailing graphic designers Patrick Waterhouse and Walter Hutton’s efforts to transform Dante’s heavy and gruesome words into gorgeous illustrations that you cannot look away from. I know it’s a bit of a macabre way of starting one’s week.  But just wait until you sink into the beauty of it all.


Making of Dante’s Inferno from Fabrica on Vimeo.