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C / back in the game


I haven’t worked out in a long time. Tiff is great at it, and can always report back on her WOD from Crossfit every morning and how many pull-ups she can do. I tend to reply with “oh neat, that sounds hard” and continue to count drinking green juice as exercise.

Since moving to Cambodia, a combination of anxiety, serious tummy issues and laziness has kept me roughly the same size without being healthy in any way whatsoever. I used to be really into working out, and probably spent too much time at the gym. I loved it, and it made me feel great. When I got here, I was too sick or too hot to do it, so I just let it taper off. I have started doing yoga and running walking pretty regularly, but I’m not sure it counts if I don’t sweat.

Yesterday, I decided that the skinny-lazy thing isn’t going to work for me anymore. I had my first training session with a friend and she basically destroyed me. I asked her to, but holy mackerel. We did some high-intensity interval training for about 30min, with 2 minute breaks, and I haven’t been that red in the face since I fell like a tree in the middle of a crowded market three years ago. Walking down the stairs post-workout was nearly impossible for me and I actually asked if there was an elevator, in the gym. Low point.

I will be doing this three times a week, and complaining about it at least four times that much. If you don’t hear from me, it’s because I am on the floor trying to catch my breath and mustering the strength to bathe.

Being healthy is so glamorous.



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T / happy monday / get moving

Photo Credit: Elise by Jordan Voth

Photo Credit: Elise by Jordan Voth

Hello Monday!  I’m a little wired at the moment.  There was a 730am cortado, a 930am double espresso and now I’m on my 1230pm cold brew.  As you can see, coffee is my life blood.  But I’m also jiving to this little video from the Guardian.  Not because it’s flowing to some vintage Missy Elliot beats (does 2001 count as old now?), nor the crazy energy that it’s rocking.  As a chick with hips, I love seeing women of all shapes and sizes getting it on. Coming from a public health POV, I’ve got the message that ‘sitting is the new smoking‘ on my mind.  Whether it’s holding a handstand scorpion (which I cannot), running a marathon (cannot either), doing the cha cha (definitely can’t) or successfully getting a pull up on (as of Friday, can!), I love the message that there’s something for everyone and the focus on the booty. Public health messages aside, I love this video and it’s energy.  So whatever you’re up to, I hope you have a great start to your week and get your sweat on. I’m going to go stand now.

PS – Happy International Women’s Day!