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C + T / Gratitude and Kate Korpi


You have heard a lot about Kate Korpi Salon from us in the last new months, and that’s no accident. We have written about these beauty wizards a few times now: the runway show prep, the salon itself, and Brianne’s make up party time. We use the Kate Korpi team for photo shoots, for video segments, and for our own personal tune-ups.  This means we’re there a little more than most.  And we love it.


The salon doubles as a training school for Khmer students, and every morning the team and its small cohort of ultra talented students start with a moment for gratitude. A lot of the students in the program come from tough backgrounds, and this moment is for them to focus on progress, the things they have learned, and what they are thankful for. After a few moments of our own in the last week, we wanted to send a little gratitude to them.

The team at the salon is a constant source of good energy, crazy talent, and belly laughs. From the moment they answer your call, the warmth you receive when you enter the salon and the big hugs after the whole experience, there is warmth all over (the kind of warmth you want in this tropical heat).  They have managed to master the total cool-kid vibe, without a whiff of snobbery. The staff is kind, generous, and has made us feel great on even our worst days.  The Kate Korpi experience is transformative on so many levels.  We leave feeling and looking so good, and counting down the days before we can go again.


Kate Korpi Gratitude-22.jpg

Bad vibes go here to die, and come out with a sexy cat-eye and Bardot hair. Thank you, Kate Korpi family, for the hugs, the badass hair, the smokey eye, the giggles in between, and making it one of our favorite places to be.signatures

All photos by Cait + Tiff.  Please request permission for use.  We are not liable for costs incurred for spiritual, hair or look transformations as a result of visits to Kate Korpi.


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T / happy monday

Photo Credit: Sea Chant  (Andrew and Carissa Gallo) for Kinfolk

Photo Credit: Sea Chant for Kinfolk

Hey Dudes and Dudettes.  How fast have the last months gone by?  The speed of light and then some.  I woke up this morning only to find that half of year 30 had gone by.  When did that happen?  Oh right, it was in the middle of all the blog and life planning sessions had over double espressos and double shot lattes, photo shoots, fabric escapades, motorcycle trips, great meals.  Life happened in the time between (with some time by the sea).  Highs and lows.  Mostly highs.  We now both have clients, and are beyond the galaxy of happy.

Cait and I just came back from yet another relaxing and fun weekend with our amazing group of friends at Villa Romonea, down in Kep (more about that later this week).  And so when I sat down to write this morning’s post, I wanted to dedicate it to the friends near and far, new and old, and the ones we have not yet even met.  You guys have been beyond supportive of our efforts in the last months.  Sufficiently brave to ask for our unproven services.  Lending an ear during times confusion and utter insecurity.  Taking notice of us, slicing a bit of their time, offering valuable mentorship and advice.  It still takes me by surprise when someone tells me they enjoyed reading one of our posts! “You know we have a blog? You go to it? Really?”

So we got to spend the weekend with some of these really special friends.  We forgot about the world for a microbit of time (I magically avoided social media for about 24 hours).  And I feel like this video (from Kinfolk…how appropriate) captures that feeling.

Kinfolk Volume 5 // Fall Camping from We Are The Rhoads on Vimeo.