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C /go, and then keep going


I landed in DC yesterday, and am awake to watch the sunrise over my country’s capital. It’s beautiful, full of orange and yellow light, creeping through the clouds like it doesn’t know what is happening today. It feels like no one told the sun about the new President.

I want to have something good to say, but I am not sure what it is yet. In my jet-lag haze of Facebook scrolling this morning, I came across this quote from Glennon Doyle Melton:

“I still cannot believe that I live in a country in which violence against women is not a deal breaker. In which blatant racism isn’t a deal breaker. In which religious intolerance isn’t a deal breaker. In which the mocking of the disabled is not a deal breaker. I am still stunned by it.

Please don’t tell us not to be angry, not to feel betrayed, not to be afraid for our own safety- unless you can explain to us that this is not true. It is true. The truth of that is settling into the hearts and minds of every vulnerable group in America today. So think before you tell us our fear and rage are not warranted. Think hard.”

I will be at the Women’s March in DC tomorrow, and I am craving the anger, the purpose, and the company of the women I will be joining from around the world. But I am worried about the days after, about “going back to life” and what that means. I don’t want to go back pretending that everything is ok, because it’s not, and there is so much more to do. I am scared that people will be proud of themselves for taking action, and then stop. Please, please don’t stop. The protest will be fun and empowering, but the letter-writing, constant opposition, and daily awareness of this state of fuckery will not be. Keep going.

Keep going and understand your own privilege. Keep going with empathy and kindness and recognition of your own power. Keep going and refuse to sit down, refuse to be quiet or still or small.

Keep putting beauty into the world, and please keep giving a shit.