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T / happy monday / sick day double down

Photo Credit: Hannah Lemholt

Photo Credit: Hannah Lemholt

Try as hard as I can, with a healthy diet and exercise, a good amount of time at home and everything the books tell you to do, it eventually hits me.  A seasonal cold.  A stupid, blame it on the tourists bringing it over from their re-circulated cabin air, awful, feels like death cold.  And that is how I woke up this morning.  But I’d like to recover as quickly as possible, and I’m trying to tell my generally ADHD self that I’ll be having to take it down several notches today.  I’m looking to the funnies to laugh this cold out of myself so I can make it here on the weekend.  This little video and hashtag is blowing up the web right now and I’m jumping right on the bandwagon. Which is the most I can really accomplish today anyways.

So not only will I be preparing me a cuppa this creamy goodness and the best standby meal ever, but I’ve got a new podcast to binge through, a bunch of emails that desperately need replies to, and my TV. My beloved TV.  Wish me luck.tiffsig