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T / happy monday

Photo Credit: Sea Chant  (Andrew and Carissa Gallo) for Kinfolk

Photo Credit: Sea Chant for Kinfolk

Hey Dudes and Dudettes.  How fast have the last months gone by?  The speed of light and then some.  I woke up this morning only to find that half of year 30 had gone by.  When did that happen?  Oh right, it was in the middle of all the blog and life planning sessions had over double espressos and double shot lattes, photo shoots, fabric escapades, motorcycle trips, great meals.  Life happened in the time between (with some time by the sea).  Highs and lows.  Mostly highs.  We now both have clients, and are beyond the galaxy of happy.

Cait and I just came back from yet another relaxing and fun weekend with our amazing group of friends at Villa Romonea, down in Kep (more about that later this week).  And so when I sat down to write this morning’s post, I wanted to dedicate it to the friends near and far, new and old, and the ones we have not yet even met.  You guys have been beyond supportive of our efforts in the last months.  Sufficiently brave to ask for our unproven services.  Lending an ear during times confusion and utter insecurity.  Taking notice of us, slicing a bit of their time, offering valuable mentorship and advice.  It still takes me by surprise when someone tells me they enjoyed reading one of our posts! “You know we have a blog? You go to it? Really?”

So we got to spend the weekend with some of these really special friends.  We forgot about the world for a microbit of time (I magically avoided social media for about 24 hours).  And I feel like this video (from Kinfolk…how appropriate) captures that feeling.

Kinfolk Volume 5 // Fall Camping from We Are The Rhoads on Vimeo.


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T / happy monday!

This is exactly what our morning looked like.  We definitely woke up to cold brew, yogurt and muesli.  We absolutely went for a bike ride in green open pastures, flew a kite, jumped into a lake, wore matching high waisted shorts with chambray button-ups and feasted on daintily paper wrapped avocado sandwiches. Oh, and there were floaty lanterns.

This was exactly how we started our week.

This gorgeous video is brought to you by the über-talented people at Kinfolk Magazine.  A little aspirational for real life, but we hope you’re enjoying the end of summer wherever you are (because you have distinct seasons).  If you have a merry meadow to frolic in, a lake to jump in (we’re looking at you Canadian cottagers) and matching outfits and/or sandwiches to share with friends, we hope you do that.