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T / ladies who do (and talk about it)

Artwork by Miguel Porlan.

Artwork by Miguel Porlan.

I remember this feeling when I started to find my footing in that past life.  I was exhausted.  Except this time, I am more than energized by it, excited for the future and I am constantly thinking of building, improving and getting better.  I feel focused and I can envision where this is all going.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally feel like I am still out to sea and taking on water.  Yes, that probably sounds a little melodramatic, but those moments also bring on the risk of self-sabotage, quitting, and heading to land.  I don’t know why I’ve got so many marine analogies today, but I’ve got one more.  Come hell or high water, I am so in this.  But sometimes I need a buoy, a light house, basically anything to help me stay the course.  Please note that I’ve never actually enjoyed boats (that’s Cait’s thing).  You know that podcasts are my thing (all of them here), and I wanted to share a few of my favourite resources that I’ve been using to help me make better business choices, better ways of working and know that others have been there before. There is a whole bunch of wonderful, talented and brilliant ladies who are killing it and sharing with the world how they did it and all the feelings they felt while doing it.  Because these feelings are valid, everyone has them at some point or another, and there should always be resources to help you out of them.  And I look forward to chores because I get to listen to these ladies.

Ladies-Who-Work---PodcastIt was serendipity that it was Leandra Medine who answered my Google when I typed in “exhausted podcast” in a moment of weariness.  I’m not joking.  We have been fans of Man Repeller since the dawn of blogging.  And her words are just as witty and wonderful in audio as she is in type.  With Monocycle (not to be confused with the more serious Monocle), Leandra goes through the whole gamut of feelings when it comes to biz building and it came to a completely relief to me that she feels those feelings too.

You don’t need to be a creative entrepreneur to dig Why Do We Have Things?  The ladies behind The American Edit and Hackwith Design House get into the deep with designers and small business owners about the reason why they got into it, and everything that happened every which way and between.

Ladies-Who-Work---Podcast2I have to give mad props to Megan Tan because she just got picked up by (insert mega huge podcast network that she reveals in her latest episode) after all of her hard work in independently producing and hosting Millennial.  Megan is such a fresh voice and if I ever meet her, I would give her those four words: “you really get me.”  Millennial is all about all the feelings and the hard work that come with getting out of school and really making it in something you love.

There is nothing more than I love than extraordinary women.  A Toronto-based podcast about extraordinary women hosted by a funny lady?  Even better.  Host Lauren Mitchell gets all the good ones on Cavern of Secrets. Cheryl Strayed, Tavi Gevinson, Carrie Brownstein.  And those are just the big names.

All of these podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you get your ear candy.  I am going to go make brownies now.

PS – Victoria McGinley’s Biz + Blog Advice and Create & Cultivate are also amazing clicky things that offer all the advice.

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T / happy monday / lady podcast roundup

Photo Credit: Associated Press

Photo Credit: Associated Press

And we’re back!!! In the same town that is.  For seventy two hours, before another one of us hops on a plane again.  We are catching up on us, while also devouring mountains of cauliflower and jugs of green juice.  And planning, planning, planning. There might be some Channing Tatum action happening tonight with some other special ladies too.

Speaking of ladies…hella important thing right?  We are so freaking lucky to have an incredible community of ladies in Phnom Penh.  You’ve met a whole bunch of them already actually.  But these days, there’s a lot of movement.  Occasionally to places where there aren’t so many ladies.  I generally find myself missing the banter, the pop culture distillation, the cocktails and the support system.  They can be hard to come by when I’m out in the middle of nowhere.

My antidote to the potential run of the lonelies has always been podcasts.  Because I am obsessed with this generation’s radio and will devour content like the Stay Puft Marshamallow Man.  These are my favourite lady podcasts. They all feature a pair of ladies and a ton of banter. They substitute for those times I’ve been without any sort of network connection, stuck indoors because of the monsoon, or just even to keep in touch with the sphere of everything when I’m getting ready in the AM.  Enjoy!

A-Few-Things-and-Call-Your-GirlfriendThese ladies and their repartee are on opposite sides of the spectrum.  A Few Things with Claire and Erica is your the sister that knows stuff.  Because Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo founded and run Of A Kind (totally aspirational for us), of course they know stuff.  And they want to tell you about their Top 5, whether it’s cleaning products of photography apps, dental hygiene or their new favourite flat.  Because they just know.  Trust.   Then there’s Call Your Girlfriend; otherwise known as your hip, witty, middle sister.  And they are three: Gina Delvac, Ann Friendman and Aminatou Sow do all the cool things at opposite ends of the US.  When you are craving the update on all thing, or want to simulate the convo that would distill among friends over wine, this is what you should have in your stock.


2000x1783srI also dig ladies who can make me laugh. Because let’s face it, I’m occasionally too (insert: jetlagged, stuck in traffic while deathly fearing tardiness, struggling with a poorly lit situation and hangry, etc) to do it.  Alex and Danielle over at SRSLY already had me giggling way back when their UCB-trained selves popped up onto the Youtube.  Now they’re talking classics films and funny ladies that helped shape their humor on Funny Lady Film Club.

Chewing-the-Fat-and-Radio-Cherry-BombeLadies who cook.  Also important.  Because the sphere of the art of eating, cooking and talking about it remains heavy from the male gaze, I love that ladies like food journos Louisa Chu and Monica Eng are pivoting the discourse on Chewing the Fat.  Ditto goes to the cookbook author Julia Turshen (who happens to be married to After the Jump’s Grace Bonney) and her foray into the world of talk with Radio Cherry Bombe.