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T / ladies drawing brunch

ladies-drawing-brunch-headerSo last week, Rhiannon and I were chatting.  Specifically about how we both needed to draw more. And further, that we should draw together. And that we should invite other creative ladies in our lives to join us.  We wound up with two pros (Rhiannon and crazy talented visiting Nat) and a wonderful group of incredibly creative lady friends (including singers!).  Under the shade of the very hospitable Rambutan’s Phnom Penh Resort on a bright and cool Sunday in the city, we ordered tasty things, delicious leftover birthday cake was had, all pastels and coloured pencils came out.  And most importantly, we planned for future crafternoons. It was really the perfect thing.

ladies-drawing-brunch-tiff1ladies-drawing-brunch-tiff2I’m naturally easily distracted. Especially if I have a new toy with me.  So I was more than eager to shoot all the creating that was happening around me.

This afternoon was inspired by Leah Reena Goren’s new book, Ladies’ Drawing Night.  I’m a huge fan of her work.  Alongside fellow illustrators, Julia Rothman and Rachael ColeI love their push for this collaborative creativity.  We brought together a bunch of beautiful women, some of our dearest friends, some of whom had never met each other.  I was bursting with excitement watching new friendships form and hearing a desire for more events like these to happen. (Because I tend to be that creepy fly on the wall).  To be in this company of women?  Epic.

Rhiannon lead the session with timed drawing exercises surrounding a theme.  Your crazy uncle!  High heels!  Feet! The person sitting across from you! You have 3 minutes! Go!!  Check out what Rhiannon can do in that tiny speck of time.  Tiffany Tsang

Tiffany TsangWherever you are, I definitely recommend grabbing a bunch of your buddies, and spending a few hours letting your creative freak flag fly and discovering a side that doesn’t typically come out over just a glass of wine.

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. Please request permission for use. Cait + Tiff are not liable for any pastel-related clothing stains.


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T / happy monday / gorgeous scrolling


Photo Credit: Hannah Kristina Metz

So lately, I’ve discovered a new obsession in my Instagram scrolling.  Smoothie bowl flat lays are just not doing it for me anymore.  Instead, I’m all about the talented lady-uber-illustrator.  They’re on your books, in your books, and should be all over your walls.  I can’t wait to get the print on as a result.  Follow these five ladies and get their work stat.

leah-reena-goren-instagram-gridI discovered Leah Reena Goren from the cover of this summer’s must read.  Her Instagram is bright and that’s exactly what I love about it.

Artwork Credit: Justina Blakeney

Artwork Credit: Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney might literally be all over your walls.  And I love learning about the inspiration behind each new collection (sometimes I can’t tell the difference between a photo and something she’s produced!).  Her Instagram (and therefore life) is exactly that.


Artwork Credit: Rhiannon Johnson

I cannot believe that I can call the uber talented Rhiannon Johnson a friend!  I feel like each time we get together, I learn that she is incredibly talented in another creative element.  She’s also an incredible person.  So you should absolutely check out her masterful illustrations at her handle @papernpenh.  I’m not using that word lightly.  I seriously want to get some of these on my walls.

libby-instagram-gridLibby Van Der Ploeg is the lady behind all the artwork for Grace Bonney’s book tour.  She also creates so many other beautiful things and you should absolutely ❤ everything on her Instagram.

Artwork Credit: Gabriella Sanchez

Artwork Credit: Gabriella Sanchez

The colours and lines that Gabriella Sanchez uses just scream “PRINT ME!!”  When I discovered her (by way of the wonderful products @shopbando), I knew I had found another spirit artist.  Gabriella’s Instagram showcases everything she does and I just wish I was closer to getting all those things.