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C / hem dropping


I have an awkward relationship with my knees. This isn’t a body shaming thing, I am not into that, I just think knees are weird and squishy and I don’t need them out all the time. That being said, living in a place that feels like walking into a damp hair dryer makes me reconsider how much I really care about showing my leg joints. However, most of clothes I have designed in the past year hit below the knee, because I like a classy lady, I’m 32, and I’m projecting.

Because of those things, I am happy to see the abundance of longer hems in the ResortWear Collections for 2016. (What, you haven’t picked out your outfits for a trip you don’t know you are going to take in a year? Shame.) From Moschino to Sea to Rachel Zoe (I die, I really do), hems are dropping and making it easy to find pieces that work for summer, without showing too much skin. Now I like a well-placed leg slit, or a teeny mini, but there is something about this vibe that is just easier. Even Garance Doré agrees with me today, because we are the same.

I present to you, things I want on my body:



 Ellery, Elizabeth and JamesIssa



Moschino, Alexander Lewis, A.L.C.



Christoper Kane, Sea, MSGM



Christopher Kane, Rachel Zoe, Missoni

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