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T / there’s a first time for everything

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A hair chair thanks to the fine folks at London’s Town Hall Hotel

Getting your hair dyed when all you’ve known is monochromatic black for your entire life is…daunting.  I’ve seen enough horrible dye jobs on my dark-haired fellows over these three decades, so you can’t blame a girl for being a little scared about taking the leap.  The thought of multiple bleach jobs, then colour, sitting for hours in a chair, and just waiting waiting waiting.

But I can understand the need to be unique.  And sometimes a cut isn’t enough.  Besides, it felt like everyone was getting a beauty job done this week.

So not only were the fabulous peeps at Kate Korpi Salon getting a top notch rep in colouring and doing good work  in supporting young Cambodian talent (more about their work soon!), but our pal Vesna posted this beautiful photo of her gorgeous sis, and I knew I wanted something more.

The best part was that Timea, lead stylist at Kate Korpi, knew exactly what I wanted: a warm and subtle ombré for these virgin strands.  She had fun walking me through every step of the process (it’s not every day you get a first-timer). And the best part is that we didn’t even need to bleach my hair!  From the colour selection, to the foiling, the super futuristic heating lamp that made me feel like I was here. And the final product and cut.

Hair-CollageThe change from black to a warm brown are really subtle and and the photo doesn’t really do the job justice.  But I can tell you is that I had a huge smile on my face when Timea started drying and the warm brown started to shine through.

I’m already thinking of going lighter next time, so it’s likely that I am not going back to black.tiffsig