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Photo Credit: Kristen Martincic via Miss Moss

Photo Credit: Kristen Martincic via Miss Moss

Guten morgen and stuff! That’s basically all the German I know, along with what I learned from the musical number in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Austria is SO pretty. The Sound of Music did NOT lie. I have been busy stuffing my face full of schnitzel and bratwurst and other things I like pronouncing with a Schwarzenegger accent, while trying to balance my meat intake with walking everywhere. Walking on sidewalks is so much fun. Tiff is gearing up for her trip and leaves in a couple of very short days. Soon, this blog will be all European, which I think means we have to pay taxes, but we get great healthcare. Anyway, we are both buzzing in the fun energy of change right now and excited about a lot. In the next few weeks, you will see a bunch of travel posts, maybe a preview of another Tiff-made website or two, and a helluva lot of food photos. Also anticipate a “holy balls I am moving to London” post. Anyway, here are the things we think are great this week.

Cait’s in Salzburg and naturally, I sent her a baker’s guide to the city.

Have you seen Pumping Iron? I am in Austria and all I can think about is this. Watch it, it’s pretty fantastic.

I called London home…four years ago.  Time for me to get my haunts in the city updated. Thank you Cereal City Guide.

This just happened in Vienna, and I wish I had planned to come earlier!

Gosh I love it when I discover a gorgeous blog from the great north.

I went here last week with my mom, and ordered the same dish I had 5 years ago under totally different circumstances. Get the pigeon.

I’m so digging the rise of the lady warrior this month.

Speaking of lady warriors, this old Vogue photo stays with me.

After three weeks of the sicky thump, I am back to the grind and this is my jam.

Come to Austria, eat Mozart Balls. 


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T / happy monday / paris v. new york

Image Credit: Paris, New York

Image Credit: Paris, New York

How could I not share these?  Especially with former New Yorker Cait now in the City of Lights.  As someone who has only dabbled for a split second in both cities, I’ve always been a big fan of Vahram Muratyan’s blog (and then book!) Paris Versus New York.  Then the Nord Collective just had to animate them.  No complaints here, and they just make me want to go further see even more.  I hope they bring a little hop into your step today. I know they’ve got me going imagining long strolls through city streets today.

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C / paris on my phone


Bonjour! Try not to be overwhelmed by my incredible grasp of the French language.

I have been here for three days and have taken more pictures that I can manage. Everything is beautiful, and I am in love with the casual grace I see in the people, the food and life. Sure there is some stuff that is touristy, but the Eiffel Tower deserves it. Have you seen that thing? It’s incredible. I know, “breaking news, Cait”, but I think its wonderful that people come from all over the world to see it. The cliches work in Paris, and I am not going to tell you that I am wearing my best blue and white striped sweater in effort to blend in, because you already know I am. I don’t understand why I don’t live here yet.

My mom and I have been walking around the city, eating basically everything, and plotting how we can get here again. Off to play in the Tuilleries this afternoon, and hopefully get some shopping done. The photos below are in no particular order, and there are tons more up on our Instagram if you need a little more Paris in your life. I do.




All photos by Caitlin Decker. Please request permission for use.

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Photo Credit: Jean Dieuzaide

Photo Credit: Jean Dieuzaide

Cait is drafting this post at 2:45am, body time, sooooo it might get weird. 

Hello from Doha! The good news is, I wiggled my way into lounge access so I have all the tea and delicious middle eastern desserts I can handle. Challenge accepted. (Was there a challenge?) This is one of the prettiest airports I have ever been to and also the quietest. There are tons of people, but no one is talking. I think everyone can hear me eating these pistachio things.

Flying here was amazing. I had the window seat as the sun set and woke up a few hours later to the most incredible sky I have ever seen. There were so many stars, I couldn’t figure out where the lights on the ground stopped and the lights in the sky started. Also good news in no particular format, Qatar Airways is great and they gave me so much chocolate.

NOTE: if you want me to like you, I am easily bought with good chocolate.

Alright, this is getting out of hand. I will leave the rest to Tiff to make this presentable for the internet and all the pretty things.

Awww yess. Bring me all the weird.

Speaking of weird, I’m so happy that Miley Cyrus is finally owning her own brand of weirdness.

There are a lot of opinions on Taylor Swift’s new video. My takeaway is that I need more pleather things.

I needed some new podcasts and would like to thank Grace Bonney for sharing all of her faves.

I want that Nantucket belt, and I deserve it because my parents honeymooned there. I deserve it.

This five-man band from South Africa making some crazy guzu is making the month long separation from Cait a little easier.

Great write up by Restaurant Girl on Ramen Lab’s business incubator. Noodles Without Borders?

These are the peeps who put Cait on a cupcake this week!  I’m still so happy about how they turned out.  And did I mention they do social good too?

A blog about Paris that I am digging through. I like it. Oui.

DesignLoveFest has gone to all the right places in the destinations we’re landing in.  Her guides to London and Paris are beyond fleek.

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C + T / top five

top-five-headerThere are always things making us happy during the month.  So we decided to share them with you!

Cait: Chimichurri

I spent a few months in Argentina when I was 23. I spent a good amount of time on that trip drinking wine and eating steak. Steak with chimichurri. A sexy mix of garlic, good olive oil, lemon, and any herbs you can find. I make a giant batch (this will stank up your kitchen) and then use it on everything from chicken and steak to eggs and potatoes.

Tiff: Steak Tartare

I like my meat raw.  I’m serious here.  Good quality, nicely marbled, and raw. Except for poultry.  I know they do that that in Osaka and that’s probably the only place I would have it.  But anyways, the dish at hand here is a melt in your mouth, chopped to the appropriate size, perfectly seasoned steak tartare (see that here).  This would be my deserted island food.  And we are so lucky that Cochise has brought a stellar tartare to Phnom Penh at his Bistrot Bassac.  Count on it that Cait and I are here at least twice a week.


Photo Credit: Everlane and Shop Bop

Cait: Everlane Ryan Muscle Tank

This one has been in heavy rotation all year, so its a good thing I have it in two colors. It’s crazy comfortable, it falls well and I love that the company is so transparent abut exactly how and wear their clothing is made. Win win win.

Tiff: Steven Alan Winona Dress

I like me some uniforms.  The shirtdress has always been a key part of my professional capsule wardrobe, but I needed a cool new one to spruce up my post-office life.  Then I watched the pilot episode of Marry Me and I was instantly hooked on this number that we first meet Casey Wilson in.  With the stellar seamstresses of Phnom Penh, I’ve now got two in my collection and there will definitely be more in the future.

Photo Credit: Condé Nast and Melicacy

Photo Credit: Condé Nast and Melicacy

Cait: Paris

Yes, the most cliche of all places to put on a list. I care not. When I was traveling back and forth from Africa, Paris used to be my favorite place to layover and relax for a few days before returning to real life. It’s also a fantastic place to eat your feelings and mend a broken heart. Or at least stick it back together with cheese. I am planning a trip to Paris with my mom right now, and its going to be the best. I can’t wait to play and eat and shop and eat and drink and eat and play.

Tiff: Yogyakarta

There are always back up travel plans.  And if Uganda doesn’t happen in April, I already have my eye on Plan B: Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Also known affectionately as Jogja, and only a hop away from big brother Bali,  it is home to the Borobudur temples and a hip scene of artisans and other makers.  This means a ton of gorgeous batik, delicious local cuisine and a great mix of culture and nature.

Photo Credit: Big Data

Photo Credit: Arrested Development and Big Data

Cait: Arrested Development- 1992

I love early 90’s hip hop and R&B. Most of my music preferences often lean toward this era, or earlier, which is why Tiff is in charge of proving you with cool new music.  But I will not apologize for still loving Arrested Development. I remember listening to Tenessee, Everyday People and Mr Wendal as an awkward tween with no idea what the words meant. It didn’t matter, and now that I do understand what they are talking about, the lyrics hold up.

Tiff: Big Data – Clean (Featuring Jamie Lidell)

Can’t say no to crooner Jamie Lidell and a cool little logo for Big Data. This new project comes from producer Alan Wilkis, who is remixing everyone up the wazoo these days, and I can’t stop playing it.  So is it making me happy?  Hell yeah.

Photo Credit: Vogue

Photo Credit: NBC and Vogue

Cait: Celebrity Bitch Slap

This is a game that was introduced to me last night at dinner. Basically, you pick a celebrity that you would like to slap in the face. It’s really fun. So we are clear, the Kate McKinnon as Justin Bieber photo above is an homage to her, and yes he is my choice to receive a smack or two.

Tiff: Bespoke-Indie-Slow-Magazines

I don’t talk about this often on the blog, but I’m keen on shifting my horizons to creating a web-mag that completely rides on the coattails of these wicked indie mags that have been exploding since bespoke bicycles became a thing.  These highly curated, pretty much tailored, and definitely produced with a slow lifestyle in mind, serve as the inspo for not only how content appears on this blog, but also tell Cait and I where we sit in the whole hip-o-sphere and the gap we are intending to fill.  Endless ideas that we are playing with every day, basically.



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C / feel it all


Illustration by Lucille Clerc


Hi. I changed my mind about the post this morning. I was going to write about grown up homework, but after the last few days of garbage around the world, I’m not feeling it.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the shooting in Tucson that killed six, wounded many more, and targeted US Representative Gabrielle Giffords. It happened in my old neighborhood. One of my best friends was getting his haircut in the shopping center when the shooting took place, and one of my mom’s friends was shot. It hit pretty fucking close to home. I think about it every year, and Gabby is a badass for doing as well as she has since the shooting, as are the doctors who made sure she made it through.

This week in France, artists and editors at Charie Hebdo were killed over cartoons. I don’t know what to do about this except for care. There is nothing world-changing that I can write on our lovely little blog, but thinking about it and feeling the anger, sadness and frustration that comes with it feels like the best I can do from my corner.

In case you live under a very large rock at the bottom of the ocean, here is more information on what happened in Paris. And here are the cartoons that a few shitty terrorists thought were worth killing over.

The amount of emotions that I have, relating to this event and what happened in Tucson four years ago, are immeasurable and persistent, but for me, its important to feel them. This isn’t a political blog, or a social commentary blog, but it is a blog written by two women who really, truly, and deeply give a shit.

There is a song by Feist that came out around 2009, called “Feel it all.” I am feeling it all today. The song is not about world events, it’s about love and stuff, but it works for my brain right now. Besides, she sort of mumbles through the lyrics, so I make up my own words.

I know that this post won’t make anything better, but talking about sucky things is important for me to do. This isn’t as articulate as the subject deserves, but that is what the BBC is for.

“I know more than I knew before, I’ll be the one who breaks my heart.” -Feist