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T / Inspo / Peter Pan

Photo Credit: Nelos

Photo Credit: Nelos

When I was small, I was the quintessential tomboy.  I liked boy things.  Climbing trees, and possibly living in them.  I was definitively anti-Barbie.  And hostile to pink and lace.  You couldn’t even talk to me about wearing a dress back then.

I had only one icon.  He was a boy who could fly.  He fought pirates and lived in a treehouse.  And then I found out that it was a girl who traditionally played the role of a live action Peter Pan.  Mary Martin, flying around a 1950s soundstage and showing who’s boss, blew my seven year old mind.  And with Allison Williams reprising the role of every kid’s favourite flying rebel, I realized that this little dude still has an influence on not only my personal style but perhaps has had on imprint on so many others (umm hello Catniss).  So come on ladies, let’s get our swashbuckling flight mode on.


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PS – Christopher Walken rocking Captain Hook?!?!