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tonlé pop up market + sesame anniversary party : Best Saturday EVER


Our buddies over at tonlé are hosting a pop up market this Saturday! We are excited to head over there and indulge in their gorgeous, conscious fashion. It starts at 11am and goes on until 5pm, so all of you Phnom Penh-ers will have time to get shopping done before all of the obligatory holiday happy hours you have committed to. Or….

Head over to Sesame for their anniversary party! These guys have been serving up their most-delicious cold noodles and snacks for 2 years, and for the sake of the Penh, we hope they never stop. Come by to celebrate and grab some tasty bites from 6-9pm.


In other tonlé news, cait and tiff are totally famous super models now. We had so much fun goofing around with the tonlé girls during their photo shoot a few weeks ago and we were surprised/honored that they decided to use this photo of us for their US launch announcement!


See you Saturday!


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humpjump / #shopsmall

Photo Credit: Fawn DeViney

Photo Credit: Fawn DeViney

Heyo Wednesday. Cait is on her way to Myanmar to hang with buddies and do some holiday shopping at the Bogyoke market in Yangon. The market is a crazy cavern of jewels and lacquer and food smells, making it one of the best places for treasure hunting. At the time this was written, she is at the airport cafe, Jingle Bell Rock is playing, and a nice Cambodian boy in a Santa hat just gave her tea. She is not convinced he is the real Santa.

Tiff is holding down the fort in Phnom Penh, sporadically acting like an adult at her other job and keeping things pretty. With any luck, the lovely proprietor of Botanico (our schmancy little work space) with come by with some of them Venezuelan donuts again.

So for humpjump this week, we are sticking with the “shop small” thing and sharing a some thoughts and few great companies that can help you spend all of your money. Enjoy!

This place is run by totally fantastic people who work n East Africa and their jewelry is gorgeous and well made.

20 versions of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christimas is You”…because we all need this.

Tonlé and a bunch of other cool brands were just featured in this crazy useful article on shopping in Phnom Penh.  It is now time to show the world that there is cool stuff here.

These guys are a great choice for changing your blog and your life…and upping your Photoshop game…or anyone you love who is looking to jump into it all.

Gosh, I just love it when a local design phenom makes it big.  And that means getting featured on an ab fab style blog.

This lady is constantly featuring small businesses making awesome stuff with good practices.

We’re launching our own gift guides today, but also check out Cup of Jo for her awesome and very specific guides for giving to those awesome personalities in our lives.

Kinfolk is one of my favourite places to learn about lives of creatives, makers and small business owners.  And they go all the way to Japan to boot. A subscription also makes a great gift.

Shameless Canada plug: this father-daughter wood working collab is simply the best if you’re looking for hand crafted goodness.

Give something away that won’t last very long.  Weird concept yes. But tasty artisanal eats for the discerning eater are always welcomed! They’re also great for saying thanks for all those holiday hangovers.