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I recently found out about the designer Stella Jean. She is Haitian-Italian and makes some of the most beautiful, interesting, crazy fun clothes I have ever seen. She uses a mix of menswear and gorgeous textiles from across the globe, with heavy influences from Haiti and tradition African prints.

I love this mix, and after seeing her work, I threw away the drawings I had done for Alissa’s second dress. I didn’t like what I was doing with this awesome piece of cloth. The print is¬†bright pink, with giant yellow flowers. It’s loud, in the best way. The first drawing I did was ok, but it felt like I was trying to mute the print, which I don’t like. So I tossed it aside and I’m now trying to do something that shows off the gorgeous chaos of the fabric.

The inspiration from Stella Jeanalissa-tanz-1stella-jean

My take


Yeah, so those top pictures are a lot prettier. I know this. But she went to design school already, and she’s Haitian and Italian and I can’t being to compete with that. Final draft up in a few weeks.

All pretty photos are property of Stella Jean. The crappy cell phone pics are mine.