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Sunday Special / The People’s Armada

Hi everyone. So we don’t normally post on Sundays, because we are usually too busy pretending that we are going to do laundry or very seriously considering downloading that meditation app. But today we have made time for something that deserves time. Our friend Emily, who is actually the reason Cait + Tiff know each other, is working on a relief project for refugees. It’s a hugely complex issue, without a singular or easy answer, but what they are trying to do is pretty great. Emily has shared a brief rundown of the campaign with us and if you are interested in helping out with this issue, have a read. Thanks so much for sharing, Emily. 


The campaign is call People’s Armada, and the idea is to raise enough money to buy a second search and rescue ship for the organization Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), who are working in partnership with Doctors Without Borders to respond to SOS calls from refugee boats throughout the Mediterranean, and provide emergency medical help to those on board.  Last year, MOAS saved 11,000 people with its one boat, the Phoenix, and with plenty of willing volunteers and abundant need, they feel that they can double their effectiveness with a second boat. The goal is to raise $3m in 10 days, in the hope that “in the time it takes European leaders to book their flights to Brussels for an emergency meeting to discuss the refugee crisis, the public can save another 11,000 lives”. Below are a few resources and some background on the issue.

It’s a complicated issue, so for a little history, take a look here

Or for a little background on the boat crossings and the migrant crisis, check out this article

For a write up about the Peoples’ Armada, check out the HuffPost article about their work

As you’ll see, in a list of what people can do about the crisis, contributing to People’s Armada is number one on Gizmodo’s list

To contribute check out Peoples Armada, click here

If you want to spread the word about the campaign and have any questions, please feel free to contact Emily herself (she said its ok) at emily.h.miner at