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T / happy monday / get jiggy


Best Artwork to Start Your Day Credit: Labish

  • because see above GIF
  • because it’s probably not, but I believe Andy Samberg is the first person you see in this music video
  • because it’s not quite but mostly The Arcade Fire
  • because Emma Stone
  • because Emma Stone’s lipstick
  • because that white dress just flows so well
  • because everyone’s day should start and/or end like the one in this video
  • because everyone fantasizes about having a choreographed dance sequence throughout their day
  • because that beat
  • because sailors
  • because Tiff found this video last Thursday, immediately wrote this post, and has since watched it 1 bajillion times since then
  • because right after watching this the third time, Tiff thought about how her Monday 630am Crossfit class should break out into a choreographed dance sequence.




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Montmartre Photo Credit: The beautiful and lovely Alissa Pries.

Montmartre Photo Credit: The beautiful and lovely Alissa Pries.

Another busy week, another hot day, another ladies lunch. It’s been a week of re-planning, photo shoots (of us! What?!?), organizing and prioritizing. I love shaking things out and seeing where they land. We are both deep into side projects right now. Tiff has taken on some graphic design work and is currently re-tooling our site. Cait is working on styling and design projects and can’t wait to brag about all of it. Still having a hard time believing that this is our job and grateful for it. Everyday.

Freunde von Freunden got together with Airbnb and had a sumptuous, soft lit baby.

Love the monogram trend, and this cracks me up. BAG.

A Butler brother from The Arcade Fire puts out song based on a Guardian news story every week!  The most recent one? The Greek debt crisis of course.

This performance from the Alabama Shakes is just awesome.

Ummmm, a podcast network devoted to small business, blogging and a general appreciation for design and good and real eats? Yes please! (My faves already are After the Jump from Design*Sponge’s Grace Bonney and Radio Cherry Bombe)

Got into silk dying last week for Sarah’s dress. These were the very helpful tips given to me, that I quickly ignored.

It’s the last day of Chinese New Year celebrés tomorrow, so I’m going to squeeze one last mention in.  The first dumpling house in Suriname.  ‘Nuf said.

Anthony Vaccarello for the classic badass in all of us.

Must get butt to Mexico. Must stay here.

Ace & Jig is now selling on ShopBop! Now waiting for the sale…