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C+T / top five

top-five-headerThere are always things that are making us happy during the week.  So we decided to share them with you!

Cait: dulce de leche

I don’t really know how this started, i think it was when Alissa made alfajores and I was transported back to my days of backpacking with my best friend in Argentina, and eating dulce de leche out of the jar. It so weird that I gained all that weight there…I have been making it, giving it away, and putting it on everything this month. No signs of slowing down.

Tiff: cortado

Ever since Corbett started the soft open of the Kettlebell Café (more on that next week!) at Crossfit Amatak, none of my mornings have been complete without this little glass of a one to one ratio of espresso and foamy milk.  I’m a diagnosed coffee addict, so you can imagine how I’m reeling after a 630am work out.  This cup of wonder solves the sweaty zombie problem.  The good company that comes with the coffee is nice too.


Photo Credit: Brooks Brothers, Tonlé

Cait: Brooks Brothers Man Shirt

My mom gave me this for Christmas and it show up about 2-3 times/week. It’s big enough that it’s somehow cozy and cool at the same time, but doesn’t look gigantic. I have it in white, so it feels classic, especially when I drop my pad thai down the front. (Tide pens were created for me.)

Tiff: Tonlé Kampot Skirt ($32 USD, available in Tonlé’s Phnom Penh boutique)

Last year I got to try this skirt on at a super fun photo shoot for Tonlé.  I loved it so much, the way it draped, and hugged my curves and flaunted what I struggle to heart about my body. So of course I had to take it home with me.  Now it’s my go-to piece for cocktails with the girls, date night, or an evening of live music and dancing.  I’m currently sad it’s in the laundry.

Photo Credit: kahle1bd and sögreni

Photo Credit: kahle1bd and Velorbis

Cait: Japan

I want to go back. I think about how I can get there on the daily and dream of slurping noodles in crowded alleys and chillin’ with monkeys in hot springs. Its a thing.

Tiff: Copenhagen

In June, I’m heading to Copenhagen to see my amazing, super smart, saving the world from obesity and its discontents friend Jo.  I can’t wait.  In preparation, I’m watching this, and planning to see the city by cycle while Jo’s at work.

jan-30---hear-seeCait: The Imitation Game

I saw this a few weeks ago, and it hasn’t left my brain. It was profound and beautiful and sad. And how bouncy was Kiera Knightly’s hair?

Tiff: In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

I’m all soaking up all the photography and layout skillz right now, so when I saw this coming on, my week got better.  Getting to know the ladies behind the photos and the looks is exactly what I need right now.

Photo Credit: Pocket Yoga, Davines and Xtava

Photo Credit: Pocket Yoga, Davines and Xtava

Cait: Pocket Yoga App

This thing is awesome. It has different classes, music, class lengths and backgrounds. I am partial to the desert class. There is a very nice lady that feels like a real yoga teacher taking you through each class. In the last few weeks, it has made me less crazy and I can touch my forehead to my knees now, which makes me look crazy anyway. Success.

Tiff: Davines Curl Building Serum and Xtava Collapsibe Diffuser

When I got my hair chopped off last year, Vaughn decided to work with the natural waves I have and build it to this great wavy curly ‘do that I’m so digging and will get out every so often these days.  He taught me how to build this look using a curl building serum by Davines and this nifty collapsible diffuser that I can bring with me on travels.  I’ve been avoiding the diffuser since I thought it would take ages to set, but I was basically wrong.  10 minutes.  Bam.  So happy about this new look.



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tonlé pop up market + sesame anniversary party : Best Saturday EVER


Our buddies over at tonlé are hosting a pop up market this Saturday! We are excited to head over there and indulge in their gorgeous, conscious fashion. It starts at 11am and goes on until 5pm, so all of you Phnom Penh-ers will have time to get shopping done before all of the obligatory holiday happy hours you have committed to. Or….

Head over to Sesame for their anniversary party! These guys have been serving up their most-delicious cold noodles and snacks for 2 years, and for the sake of the Penh, we hope they never stop. Come by to celebrate and grab some tasty bites from 6-9pm.


In other tonlé news, cait and tiff are totally famous super models now. We had so much fun goofing around with the tonlé girls during their photo shoot a few weeks ago and we were surprised/honored that they decided to use this photo of us for their US launch announcement!


See you Saturday!

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C + T / That’s a Wrap


Because Friday afternoons are best spent looking at pictures of pretty things, here are a few snaps from the benefit at Deco on Tuesday. The food and service were spot-on (per usual) and it was great seeing so many people together, celebrating such a wonderful company. It has been a blast working with the wonderful ladies of tonlé this past week.  They work ridiculously hard to make gorgeous clothes with zero-waste, while maintaining a healthy sense of silliness and laughter. We are impressed.


Rachel hard at work as usual.


Beautiful Carrie in a Tonlé Ravy Dress.



The best Scotch eggs.

The best Scotch eggs.

gemma-and-bar lin-and-gentlement

Ravy giving a heartfelt speech.

Ravy giving a heartfelt speech.

Congratulations Rachel!

Congratulations Rachel!


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happy tonlé!

Deco tonlé benefit (1)This Monday’s posts are brought to you by our friends at tonlé design.  Our pal Rachel, founder and creative director, has worked tirelessly for the past six years, first as a Fulbright Scholar, and now as a young social entrepreneur, to bring zero-waste fashion to us in Phnom Penh.

tonlé recently launched a kickstarter campaign to support the growth of their business and bring their products to a larger audience.This campaign has garnered a lot of international support but we’ve also had a number of local friends wanting to contribute to this endeavor.  One of our favourite restos, Deco, has offered to provide drinks and canapés in their beautiful space, so we decided to make a party out of it!

If you’re in Phnom Penh, please join us for an evening of fun in the name of a good cause: specifically zero-waste design and creating viable careers in fashion for men and women here in Cambodia. Want to know more about what zero-waste means to us?