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T / happy monday / where to live next

Kigali may be too quiet. Vientiane could be nice, but perhaps too same same?  The traffic in Manila, Yangon and Nairobi are deal breakers.  But Istanbul and St. Petersburg have bother ascended the “to be considered” list. In the past month, I’ve learned that a little bit of political instability is not a strong criterion.  I’ve more or less fully committed to living abroad. My heart will always be Canadian, but there is just so much to see and experience in the world, and these urges may be genetic.  I want to explore more creative communities, eat more delicious things and continue meeting the most interesting and diverse people.  So when I discovered Relocate, I realized I wasn’t alone in thinking this way.  Here, London-based DJ, and music-every person Nabihah Iqbal explores potential new homes that also start with L: Lisbon and Leipzig.  I’ve heard amazing things about both cities, haven’t been to either, and now they’re on my watch list.  Basically, there are too many choices, but I want all of them.