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C / California Cozy

It has been a long, long time since I have felt chilly. Not air-conditioning on the couch chilly, but brisk-outside, wearing flannel and drinking tea chilly. Today, in sunny LA, it is overcast, 68F (20C, for Tiff) and this coffee shop is playing throwback Joni Mitchell.  I get that 68F isn’t exactly the end of days, but for someone who has been pining for sweater weather for the last five years, I am enjoying the hell out of it.

Naturally, this moment of coziness has led me to internet dive into sweaters, scarves, and jackets that I will live in for the next few months, even when it’s inappropriate. The thing is, I don’t exactly have a “closet” to put sweaters in, or an “apartment” to live in, so until I have a permanent place to put myself, these are all dream cozy pieces.

Because I care about not destroying the world with my choices (#VOTE), I am looking at eco-friendly, sustainably-made options.


Nau Clothing, Randy Goat Hoodie





Stella McCartney, Fur Free Fur Cardigan


Study NY, Aprés Ski Suit


People Tree, Block Dress


Patagonia, Fleece

Enjoy the coziness, even if it’s virtual.



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C / pretty, not evil


One of the cool things about job hunting in the fashion world is finding out about companies that are doing great things in the space. Happily, I am not the first person in the world to think sustainable fashion is important, and there are a lot of people working to bring good design and good practices together.

When I talk about wanting to work in sustainable fashion, I have received mostly positive feedback, but every once in a while, someone will respond with a slightly different tune. “Fine, you think fast fashion is evil? All fashion is evil. Where should I shop then?” Well, to the snarky British man, 6 beers in on a Tuesday and wearing a Trump tie, here you go.

I am pulling from one of the companies that I have spent so much time drooling over today to show five things that you can buy that are not only great design, but have the added bonus of being not evil. I have an aversion to buying things that look like I feel sorry for someone. I want to fill my closet with things that are made ethically, don’t destroy the planet, and look great. Today, I’m looking at Zady. The company provides clothing for all, accessories, and even some really cool stuff for your home and they only work with companies that keep the same high standards as they do. I love that the site is full of things that are simple and well designed, and will take you through seasons and years without falling apart or going out of style.













All product photos via Zady, header is the product of this cool tie dye kit.