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Where’d our blog go?

Three words.  We’ve been busy.  And we miss this little place on the web that we hatched more than five years ago.

So I couldn’t think of a better way to wake this little sleeping bub than to tell you that it’s Cait’s birthday and that she is simply the best.

Last year I had a bunch of words for her.  This year I’m going to try to just have one.  Sharp.  It’s the best way to describe her and exactly what I thought about when we were fatefully sat across from each other at a very special person’s birthday six years ago (we wouldn’t exist without her!).

Her wit: razor SHARP.  That wardrobe: equally SHARP.  Business savvy? More than that. SHARP.  Her words – have you read this blog?

I also like to think she’s sharpened my wardrobe more than a little bit.

I got to see this beautiful birthday girl in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago and she her edge is even mightier. Girl will never go dull.  I snapped this photo of her in the thick of it.  Building her biz and just glowing while doing it all.  It’s candid, honest and I think it just captures everything I dig about her.

The thing is, Cait is more than sharp.  She’s also the best friend a girl could ask for.  Loyal to a fault, and the best ear you could ever find this side of the moon.  It’s going to be nearly 2 years since we got separated by an ocean, but I know she’s always there.  We’re both building businesses now.  Going through all the motions. Separately. But together.

Oh crap. I just found another word for her.  Taste.  Girl’s got a ton of it.  For people (she’s surrounded by a gaggle of gorgeous souls), food (she knows exactly where I want to and should eat in every place she’s planted her feet), and those clothes! (if I could tell you about her upcoming line, I would, but as of now, my lips are sealed).  This taste is refined. It’s completely accessible and it is inclusive.

So basically.  I failed in trying to write a birthday ode to Cait around just one word.  It’s impossible. Cait is amazing.  She’s not just one thing.  

And it’s her birthday today, so you must give her the biggest squeeze if you can, since I can’t.  My arms don’t span 13,191km apparently.

HBD blog wife!!!!!




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