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You saw Cait’s post last week, right?  We’re currently in our new beginnings.  And it can be hard to talk about.  Scary even.  I have no problem with the hustle.  I can talk for hours about what I want to do, what I plan to do.  The mission, the vision.  All of it.  Talking about how I feel about it?  A completely different mess.  My brain has a lot of stuff in it right now too. And sometimes it’s just easier to show you instead.

Over the past few weeks, my new business partner and I have visited the site of our new project more than a dozen times.  We bring our cameras every time.  I’ve learned to shoot my feelings there (that’s an entirely different post).  But more importantly, it’s a space that I’m more than excited about.  I’ve never been more inspired than before by a blank canvas that I know will mean so much to a large number of people.  The visionary behind this whole kingdom is our pal Corbett.  You might have met him before.  And to have such a small space within it is such a privilege.  All 175.2 square meters of it.

I’m more than bursting like Violet Beauregard.  But like I said.  I don’t quite have the words for it right now.  Terrified and Jesse Spano-levels of excitement are happening simultaneously.

So here’s a sneak peak, and some clues all about it.

All photos by Tiffany Tsang.  Please request permission for use.  Cait+Tiff are not liable for sudden purchases of garment factories to be repurposed into little kingdoms of creativity.


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