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Photo Credit: Redwolf Tees via Miss Moss

Good morning. It’s sunny and hot in LA, and because it’s the middle of the night in Cambodia, it’s probably dark and hot. Busy week for both of us, and Cait is prepping for the invasion of Cambodian friends next week. You may be familiar with one of them.  Tiff is currently counting 10,9,8….

Temperatures are only rising in PP this month.  Here’s everything I will wear and not wear.

OOOO fancy tops. Fun fun.

It’s self imposed Romper Week, so I’m hungry for this.

I started watching this last week, and now I need 13 wigs.

This wonderful cover has been in my ears all week.

This album has been on non-stop in my house, and it goes very well with candles.

More things I want to wear!  Feet edition!

Maxine Waters is my hero.

Low key Tokyo is exactly what I want right now.

I want dis. Gimme dat.


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Artwork Credit: Warren King via HonestlyWTF

This week, Tiff is making bookings for that big trip in April! Cait is just staring at the clock and waiting for time to pass and Tiff gets here. Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

The first three months of 2017 have been a sprint for me.  So I’m investing in this.

I’m excited for this! I love Brie Larson.

Now that I have a desk job…this.

I used to laugh at horoscopes, but then I read my life as it is happening here. I am also freaked out that someone is watching me. Almost too spot on.

Hey Cait – let’s make a trip like this happen sometime!

Ok, Tiff!

This classic makes me cry.  Probably even harder in this day and age.

Lamé tuxedo. Lamé tuxedo. 

It’s 50°C here now.  But all I want his some hygge loungewear.


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Artwork Credit: Itamar Freed via Miss Moss.

Hi team, hooray for Wednesday! You are halfway there! This week is feeling long on our end, but I suppose that happens when you never know what day it is. Tiff is deep in at least 5 billion photos to edit this week, which is honestly kind of impressive. Cait has been flying around more than she wants to recently, and happy to get on the last plane ride for a while tonight. She loves LA, almost as much as she loves typing in third person. Hope you have a wonderful week!

This hat for April!

I am in love.

Typography again! This time it’s the bloody weapon in the Oscar’s flub!

Walk like this into every room.

I’m (supposed to be) clean eating this month, and I can’t wait to make this!

I’m not eating clean this month, and just ate all of this.

Reasons why I spend at least $20 each week on coffee.

Hey, Tiff, we are going here. Get all that clean eating out of the way now.

This weekend, my closet. This way.  Thank you Marie Kondo.

I want dis.


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Artwork Credit: Malika Favre via Oh Joy.

Artwork Credit: Malika Favre via Oh Joy.

Good morning/middle of the night. Cait and Tiff are planning their reunion in LA, and the amount of lists going into this trip is getting out of control. Plans are getting made! Tiff is still shooting all the babies. (With her camera, in case you are new to the blog.) Cait is prepping for some travel next week, including a very random trip to Grand Cayman. I guess two months is too long to go without profusely sweating from the face. Enjoy your week!

I wanna make hygge all over these cottages.

Badass ladies giving a sartorial middle finger to whatshisface.

Why that steak matters.  (I like mine rare and as bloody as possible, btw).

RUN! Zady is having their winter sale and things are 40% off.

I love this podcast so much and I’m so happy that there are other weird ladies out there like me.  And this also matters.

Pretty effing psyched about heading to New York in May for this.

Fonts. Fonts. All the Fonts.

I haven’t craved something so desperately in a while. Take me to Ojai.

Work has picked up in a big way lately, and I’m completely in agreement with this.

Cait’s recent health kick is forcing her away from donuts, and into the arms of salmon. Luckily, there are delicious recipes like this one out there.

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Photo Credit: Wakil Kohsar

Photo Credit: Wakil Kohsar

Tiff’s having that kind of Wednesday.  Why can’t she be whisked off to la la land already? Cait is just sitting here, doing nothing at all, waiting for her to get here already. We clearly miss each other, and can’t wait to be reunited soon! Until then, constant pining and the I MISS YOUUUUUUUUU texts must continue.

As a fellow hoarder, I know all these experiences, minus all the free stuff.

How did she know we needed this?

These illustrations! I would love all those prints.

My first manicure in the US was here today. It’s pretty.

She experimented with all the breakfasts, so you don’t have to.

It’s 8pm on a Wednesday and all I want is pancakes.

It’s been a busy week and I seriously wouldn’t mind one of these little nooks.


Congrats to these two talented people!!!!!

I am totally taking Tiff here.

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Photo Credit: Klaus Pichler via Frankie.

Photo Credit: Klaus Pichler via Frankie.

Hi, team. Welcome to Wednesday, possible the least exciting of all the days. Tiff is apparently shooting all the women this weekend, and it’s gonna be bloody. Cait is basking in the California sunshine and really leaning into the clichés of LA. Life is full of yoga and smoothies right now, and it feels pretty good. Hope you have a great week!

These just came out. Someone send a pair to Cambodia stat.

Less concrete feelings on the article, but really into her hair right now.

Still a great read three years on.

I can’t get over this dress.

How gorgeous are these aerial photos?

Punch of happiness, right in the face.

I want to live on that massive couch. Forever.

Why can’t green juice taste like waffles?

I’m re-loving water colours these days with all these ideas.

My friend, Amanda, opened this little piece of green heaven a few months ago in DC!


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Photo Credit: Diana Beltran Herrera

Photo Credit: Diana Beltran Herrera

Hi team! Happy Wednesday! I can only wish for the swag of that paper chicken. Tiff is having a rollercoaster of a week which has included general clutziness (boo), a new lens (yay), more general clutziness (boo) and awesome meals with with awesome people (yay).  So she’s basically a little bruised but generally happy. Cait is digging the cold and rainy vibes of LA these days, and snuggling into life. She is also working on finding a balance between staying aware of the political shit storm in the US, and staying sane. Any tips are appreciated. Have a great week!

Shiny! I want it.

I am through the moon about #immigrantfoodstories and cannot wait for the deep dive into all the dishes (and stories!)

These ladies are straight up amazing.

Congrats on my pal Sana on the re-launch of This Is Worldtown.  The new site is gorgeous!

Seriously? Really. REALLY?

Really looking forward to this Netflix series.

Zoe Kravitz is killing it.

I can’t wait to cry my heart out for this Hulu series.  Ugh, the dystopia just feels so real.

“By most definitions, Tom Hiddleston is…uncool.” But he sounds really nice.

Leandra stopped shopping too!


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Tiff is doing all sorts of research for the big trip she’s doing in April.  And when she’s not doing that, she’s having heart palpitations because of the thing that’s happening this week. Cait is back in LA, after what has been a not-so-graceful start to the New Year. Things are picking back up, she is heads down in meditation and all kinds of self-loving hippie shit. Turns out, not being a monster to yourself is sort of good for you. Neat.

One of the best things I’ve read about life/work/health prioritizing.

Yay! Oprah is going to be back on TV!

16 amazing writers and everything they’ve got to say about that person who’s apparently the leader of the free world now.

WHAT? Give this to me.

It’s so fun seeing a friend’s kid sis make it awesome and big in the world of ceramics!

How are these all so true?

Dress like Diane Keaton. Yes please.

Ohhh, things I want to buy.

Packing resolutions.

On Feb 12, I will be here.


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Photo Credit: Jihan Zencirli.

Photo Credit: Jihan Zencirli.

Cait is in Phnom Penh!  And Tiff is doing a massive happy dance. Cait is behind of most things in life and is sorry about being a bad blogger. But she is super happy to see Tiff, pile on the massages and clean out the noodle supply on Cambodia.

One of my favourite reads about how 2016 was the year for Beyoncé.

Want to make this/eat this. Stat.

Speaking of desks…I would like mine to be anywhere and everywhere.

Love these words from an actress I admire.

Skill I want to master in 2017.

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Photo Credit:  Ernst Scheidegger

Photo Credit: Ernst Scheidegger

Good morning, American Wednesday. Night, Cambodia. Tiff is back in the field this week!  With the whole shebang of muddy feet, epic sunsets and the sweetest grannies. Cait is snuggled in her apartment today because it’s cold-ish outside and any excuse to drink coffee all day in jammies is good enough for her. The thrill of wearing sweaters has not worn off.

Rhiannon sent this to me this week and now I can’t wait to get together with her for a little day of drawing.

One of my best friends introduced me to Rent the Runway, and I am excited to say goodbye to all my money and be covered in sparkles.

I’m counting down the months to when I get to invade Cait’s life in LA.  I’m hoping she vets all these spots for me first.

I’m taking Tiff here when she comes to visit.

I’m kinda keen to make one of these iconic yet ironic drinks for myself.

Sometimes I lie and I drink this when I say I am drinking this because I get so sleepy.

For the days I might be stuck at a desk…some learning opportunities.

I was here for three hours last night and today my face looks about 15 cocktails younger. Tiff, you will come here with me.

Funny funny ha ha. Scroll scroll scroll.  Tho Kirby Jenner tops my list.

All day.