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Photo Credit: Fanny Bryggman Öhrn (via Frankie)

Hi, it’s Thursday and this is late because Cait has been sick and too stuffy to type. Tiff’s in her pre-trip sprint and seriously hoping she gets to see Cait in the west coast! Cait is in LA, where it is weird to be right now because everyone knows someone who has spent time with one of the grossest people on the planet, Harvey Weinstein. The accounts of sexual assault are getting darker and darker.

Digging the New Potato’s new skin!

Thank you, Joanna Goddard, for this piece.

Yes we should all embrace the windbreaker in S/S2018.

Thank you, Beyonce, for this piece.

Always looking for a new lens on things.

Thank you, Samantha Bee, for this piece.

What alt-porn looks like!

I honestly didn’t read this article, but I like that dancing guy at the top.

Vintage German bowling alleys!

Never have I ever wanted an ice bucket more,


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Photo Credit: Carmen D’Apollonio (via Miss Moss)

This week Tiff is playing catch up with everything and chasing all the new hot denim that she will never actually wear in the tropics. Cait is getting ready to go to Nashville tomorrow, where she will be wearing denim head to toe. Please tell her what to do and eat. Also, she went to the Solange concert on Sunday and is NOT over it, seriously, she will not stop talking about it. So annoying.

Rhiannon went to Lisbon and loved all the colours.

Cait went to the Solange concert, did you hear?

Currently debating: could I make this a regular thing?

I love the Ace Hotel in DTLA, I got to celebrate a WHOLE YEAR in LA last night.

His voice is totally “soaked in maple syrup.”

I will be using this as a loose Bible for the weekend.

Always looking for biz-lady advice.

It is crazy to me that this is still happening. Your skin is exactly the color its supposed to be.

All the nuances on the amazing lighting on black skin on Insecure.

I don’t know what to do with new Lanvin. I miss Albert Elbaz.


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Photo Credit: Bri Hammond.

Hi team, hope your week is going well. Tiff is getting all the things done so she can get the heck out of dodge. Cait has turned her apartment into what is either a giant mood board, or a colorful attempt at solving a conspiracy theory. Not totally sure which one it is yet.

Basically me at NYFW.  If I ever wound up there.

This comes out this weekend in the US, and I am going to sit around with some tissues and do it.

My future life in Munich, right?

This whole show.

I am an It-superfan.  Therefore this.

I am NOT an It superfan, or even a fan of any kind. Therefore, this.

Anti-social extrovert.  My social life in three words.

All the colors, all in one place.

Such great words for the identity politics debate.

After a week of eating everything in sight, I just want simple, delicious food like this.


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Artwork Credit: Hillary Bird

Tiff is trying to stay afloat.  Because apparently Mother Nature wants to go all Kevin Costner. Cait is trying to figure out what it means to “go all Kevin Costner.” Possible theories: 1. Wear baseball pants, be charming, and deliver fantastic monologues. 2. Have life flooded by rain and global warming, make raft and disappoint movie-goers. 3. Build it, and they will come. Thoughts? Cait is hoping it’s the last one.

These amazing jeans are about to be released!

And Cait is going to the pop up in New York tomorrow. WOOOOOOO.

Reader comments haven’t died!  They can be really good!

Are you following Bri? These adventures in Italy are making me so jealous.

The thing I’d love to get started in.

Seriously? Are we here? Do I think this might work? Kinda?

Avocado toast.  Let’s shout, murmur and really get into it.

Need some color inspiration? Me too. Check Stockholm fashion week.

A must read if you’re a blogger or wanting to get into it.

Why is everything she makes so good right now?


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Photo Credit: Oddo Body

Hey dudes, hope your week is going well. Cait is spending this week purging old habits that do not suit her, and trying to leverage whatever universe powers she can to get things going in the right direction. There is a massive influx of visitors in LA right now, so she is trying to stay active and healthy and get work done between happy hours and thai food.  Meanwhile, Tiff is trying to be one of those visitors and apparently Korean tour groups are her biggest barrier to making that happen.  Cue fist shaking.  Have a fabulous week and book those flights early!!!!

I was super into this on Monday, and I love a good affirmation.

Really digging not just the description of her sound, but the actual songs too.

I hadn’t seen this before, but it’s an awesome resource of interviews with creatives, the Tavi Gevinson one is amazing.

Yes, the career shift to freelance is totally worth it.

This please.

If you’re in the market for a tinier camera, this one sounds great!

In case you missed the eclipse, just steal these photos from Nat Geo and put them on your IG with the tag #foreverchanged.

This thriller has a bunch of my favourite actresses, looks super creepy, super stylish and I cannot wait to see it.

I have followed Amber Lewis for a while, and am constantly disappointed that my apartment doesn’t look like this.

Story of my life.

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Photo Credit: @sfgirlbybay

Hi team, we hope you are having a great week. Cait is still in New York this week, wandering around Godzilla-ing all the pizza she can. She might even go get that birthday cake that Tiff talked about on Monday, you can’t just post something like that and expect her not to eat cake.  Meanwhile in Phnom Penh.  Tiff is still working up the energy to make that cake.  Happy Wednesday folks.  Hope you get that cake today.

I sort of liked reading this, and I was sort of like STOP KNOWING MY LIFE.

One more Funfetti cake I’m obsessing over.

If I worked for Blue Apron, I would legit write this.

My lone strapless bra finally had its last day.  So I’m obviously replacing with this!

For the first time since I was 8, I want to dress head-to-toe in pink.

We’re obviously on the same page. High waisted pink linen pants. I want now.

I’m not a mom, but I love this piece, and all of my mom friends should know how awesome they already are.

Apartment envy.

I have had this pasta salad, and it’s absurdly delicious.

If I lived in Tokyo and this magazine actually existed, I would totally subscribe and read like 10 at a time.

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Photo Credit: Hello Lunch Lady

Happy Wednesday! Tiff needs all the soup this week, even though her snuffly voice is super adorable. Cait is in New York this week, taking down bagels like Godzilla in Tokyo, and pretending she is cultured. It helps if you go to a museum, find a painting that’s weird, stand back about 8 feet and stare while saying “interesting” to yourself. People will buy it. Have a great week!

I really want to make this.  Stat.

I am visiting some old favorites this week.

Zero-dollar days! Genius!

Mobiles have the same effect on me as they do on babies.

Ahhhhh I need to go to Porto.

I think this is the prettiest. 

Larry David’s daughter has a web series!

What to say to a grieving friend? It’s hard to know what people need, and I am grateful for this piece from Cup of Jo. 

So pretty. Want all of it.

I think I am a little hungover, because I feel like I could eat ALL OF THESE right now.

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Photo Credit: Oamul Lu via Miss Moss

Tiff is planning trips again!!! And Cait is really trying to get on that itinerary. Happy Thursday, this humpjump is brought to you late due to jet lag and cocktails. It’s still roughly the middle of the week, so that counts as a hump. Anyway, we hope it’s all going well for you, and that you can find an air conditioner to hide behind like we have. Things are REAL sweaty right now, and the Americas-dwelling part of this team is being reacquainted with humidity, and is decidedly against it.

I’m so excited to get my hands on one of these guys for my guys.

One of my favorite sustainable denim companies is now making t-shirts! 

Yes I am a fan of this magazine.  Does this make me an elitist nutjob?

Yes, Tiff, it does. But you already were. 🙂

Kimono LOVE. I want all, especially this one.

The desert! Still obsessed.  Love these shots.

Check this gorgeous biz from New York-based designer, Marina Cortbawi, of Merlette.

Great shots and great words from a new fave German fashion blogger.

I keep looking at this, and it keeps making me laugh.

Always on the hunt for new cool brands.


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Photo Credit: Lynn Goldsmith

Good morning, team. Tiff is trying to avoid the rain this week and Cait is up and at it EARLY today, because she lives in a neighborhood that wanted to play with fireworks until like 7am, so sleeping was a lost effort. But you know, AMERICA. Hope this week is going well for you, it’s easy to get distracted from work stuff in the summer, so here are more things to do that to your day.

Craving good Chinese food!

Oh no. Self Portrait is having a sale. Bye, money.

Obviously, the Chinese food craving is deep because here’s more dumplings and noodles.

Well, these are amazing.

Looking to diversify your travel blogger rabbit hole dive?

Helpful professional things.

How to do Berlin, and what to where while doing it.

This is interesting, if you are interested in love stuff.

Should have made Soviet bus stops a must-see while I was in Russia last year.

GOOD. I’m glad they quit, get your shit together, CBS. You’re not FOX.

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Artwork Credit: Kirsten Sims via Miss Moss.

Hi there! One of us wrote a blog post after cocktails last night, and is somewhere between proud and embarrassed right now. THIS IS WHO I AM NOW. There is certainly something freeing about letting the world know you are a ridiculous person, in case there was any doubt.  And the other one of us LOVED it and misses her blog wife so freaking much and wonders if that ocean between them could be made infinitely smaller. End of third person monologue.

I liked the first one, and this super low-brow reboot is right up my alley.

What a great little meditation on what you think of a person and who they really are.

I hate myself a little for wanting to go to this garbage.

Not clothes.  Ceramics.  In LA. Cait please go see this.

I will never be happy until I have this top.

Of course it’s called Of Cats and Men.

Making these tasty little bitches tonight.

My suitcase is begging for these.

Gross dirtballs can’t stop being sexist, even to Khaleesi.

Artisanal sweets? Amazon? Fun box? Yes please.