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T / apparently i make videos now

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures (and completely aspirational).

Somewhere in my mind, I decided that I should get into video.  I’d dabbled in it a couple of times, but it just seemed daunting.  Better let the pros take care of it.

Maybe it was because I was tired of the stop motion clips I was making.  Or maybe it was because I went total fangirl on Koheun and Justin’s gorgeous glimpses into their peripatetic life, while also living vicariously through this lady who gets all the fresh air.  And maybe somewhere along the way I met one of these guys and they said the magic words: “go for it.”  So I did.  I got a fancy (temporary!) traditional job that would help pay for all the gear.  And before I knew it, I got obsessed with wearing a GoPro while doing (almost) all the things.  I’m hoping to get better. I can’t wait to make things look brighter.  And sharper.  (The list of things that could be improved is neverending).  And I can’t wait to show you all the snapshots of these lives of Cait and I, of all the places we go.

Last Friday, my pal Adrienne suggested an impromptu drink in our neighbourhood’s new speakeasy.  I live in the [insert Williamsburg/Shoreditch/Kreuzberg/Noe Valley] of Phnom Penh.  Something is always opening.  It generally involves someone impossibly hip and in suspenders.  So I decided to start a brand spanking new series of all the wonderful local haunts.  Here’s my first stab at it (and you can see all the other mostly Crossfit-inspired stabs here).  I wouldn’t be doing any of this without all of your support.  So here’s to hoping that these videos only get better over the next year.

Tiff Does Happy Hour – Nissai Bar from Tiffany Tsang on Vimeo.


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C+T / Alchemy Design, revisited

Tiffany Tsang

In January of 2015, we did our very first interview for the blog with the guys at Alchemy Design, a reclaimed wood furniture company in Phnom Penh. A few months ago, we caught up with Jonathan at their new-ish showroom in BKK1, and talked about how the company has changed since our first meeting, and all the fun stuff that lies ahead.

Tiffany Tsang

Before we start, you should know that they are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to, well, kick-start their international reach. Please, do yourself a favor and fund this campaign. There are very few companies that we have faith in like we do this group of awesome humans, and to have their work around the world would make this big blue marble even better.

The past few years have been full of growth for our friends at Alchemy, and when we first met, the company was basically three guys who liked making stuff, working on projects in the front yard when they had free time. Fast forward, and Alchemy is now one of the most recognizable and well-loved brands in Phnom Penh, ready to go international.

Tiffany Tsang Tiffany Tsang

The team has changed a bit, and that is no surprise in a city with almost constant turnover. Out of the original three, Jonathan is the only one still living in Cambodia, while Joel works from the US, and Willem is now back in Holland, no longer working with the group. They have grown substantially, and now have a team of 20 employees, working between the showroom and the workshop.

Joel now leads the design side of the business, and prepares the mood boards and overall design concept for all new pieces. Initially, the Alchemy “look” was industrial and rugged, with lots of re-bar and unexpected accents. They have kept some of those elements, but have shifted into a sort of Scandinavian-mid-century vibe, and it works.

Jonathan leads the production team and manages the in-country logistics, expansion, and probably a million other things. In some recent projects, they have partnered with lovely local interior/graphic designer, Nataly Lee, who has a crazy eye for beauty and detail. This combination of super powers has proven very successful.

Tiffany Tsang

Tiffany Tsang

Alchemy Revisited-22.jpg

When Alchemy first started out, they focused mostly on custom home furniture, but that has changed as well and they are now working mostly with commercial spaces. They will continue to make furniture for home use, but the model is shifting to a more traditional retail set up, where they have options, and you decide if you want that thing. The amount of growth and reach in Phnom Penh is impressive, and you can see their footprint all over city, from the gorgeous Tonlé shop at the airport, to the clean lines of The Tiger’s Eye, and the uber-cool, always boozy, Elbow Room

Future plans are to keep roots in Cambodia, but to expand internationally, hence the Kickstarter. They have stayed true to their original mission, and are still sourcing wood from right outside of Phnom Penh, with an NGO that helps with resettlement. A number of Cambodian families are making the switch from traditional wood houses, to more sturdy concrete houses. The NGO connects Alchemy to the families so that they can purchase the wood, rather than the family have to pay for the junk yard to clear it out. They are also now working with an NGO in a nearby province, providing projects for capacity building in woodwork.

Alchemy Revisited-4.jpg

When we were talking to Jonathan, he mentioned something remarkable. The traditional style of furniture in Cambodia is shiny, shellacked to an unnatural shade of orange, and usually has an elephant carved into it somewhere. Needless to say, the Alchemy style is a touch different than this. A few of the local team members in the workshop have started to refer to the Alchemy pieces as “awt saat” which literally translates to “not pretty.” It’s become somewhat of a team joke, but this new style of production has allowed these craftsmen to explore other styles of wood working, and become more involved with the design process. He says that many of them work on their own projects during breaks, and are constantly evolving. How cool is that?

Alchemy Design, we love you, and we think you are saat naa (very pretty). Keep going.

Alchemy Revisited-20.jpg

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. Please request permission for use.  We’re not liable for the sudden accumulation of wood in your house.

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T / shooting emily

Tiffany TsangOh my word.  I cannot believe I got to shoot this beauty.

Taking photographs of professionals in the aesthetics industry is incredibly intimidating.  Because these cats know what they’re doing.  They know how to make people look good. So if you can’t get your light right, then you’re just ruining everything they’ve just worked on.  But the ladies who run the tools at Kate Korpi (you’ve heard us wax poetic about them before) put me at so much ease. Like when I was getting my first pouf.  Which is how I met Emily.

tiffany-tsang-emily-kate-korpiHailing from Arkansas, Emily first landed in Phnom Penh as one of Kate Korpi’s roving guest artists.  Uber talented hair stylists that they woo over to Phnom Penh to teach new cool things to KK’s students.  Then I guess Emily got bit by the Phnom Penh and Kate Korpi bug (the good bug, not the sucky belly kind) and wound up staying for a few months!

So in Emily’s last week  in the city, she asked me to take a couple of fun “senior shots” around the city.  And I basically cannonballed at the opportunity.  I made lists of everywhere I wanted to shoot this infectious red head in.  And over four hours and six locations, this gorgeous gal got all the shots.  We’re gonna miss this lady.  If you bump into her somewhere around the world, do get your hair did with her.  She might even introduce you to the poof.  Here are some of her shots 🙂

Wat shots are a must.

Wat shots are a must.


Coconuts are my new favourite prop.


I also like making my models hide in the foliage.


Thank you to whomever parked that Vespa in an incredibly strategic location.

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. Please request permission for use.  We are not liable for costs incurred for dying your hair red.

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Join the CULT


Don’t worry, the blog hasn’t take a turn for the weird, yet at least.

This CULT stands for “Cambodia’s Ultimate Lifestyle Trade” and was founded by Ludi and Katia, the cool kids behind Bee Vintage and Good Krama. These two chicks wanted to bring together the Phnom Penh community in a fun way, while highlighting the artists and designers in town that are doing awesome, creative, sustainable stuff. And when we met up with these wonderful ladies last week, they had just partnered up with Cleanbodia, who will be supplying the event with biodegradable shopping bags!  These little guys take the sustainable part of shopping at this market up a notch and are made with organic matter like cassava and coconut instead of plastic.  This makes us beyond happy.


This is going to be a monthly event (YAY!) and we get to look forward to the second Thursday of the month with CULT. The first one is this Thursday, June 9 at Cloud (#32E0, street 9, Phnom Penh).  With sponsorship from Cloud, The Pelican Food Company and Cleanbodia.

Some of the super talented creatives and brands who will be at CULT include:










We can’t wait to get our shop on.



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C + T / Gratitude and Kate Korpi


You have heard a lot about Kate Korpi Salon from us in the last new months, and that’s no accident. We have written about these beauty wizards a few times now: the runway show prep, the salon itself, and Brianne’s make up party time. We use the Kate Korpi team for photo shoots, for video segments, and for our own personal tune-ups.  This means we’re there a little more than most.  And we love it.


The salon doubles as a training school for Khmer students, and every morning the team and its small cohort of ultra talented students start with a moment for gratitude. A lot of the students in the program come from tough backgrounds, and this moment is for them to focus on progress, the things they have learned, and what they are thankful for. After a few moments of our own in the last week, we wanted to send a little gratitude to them.

The team at the salon is a constant source of good energy, crazy talent, and belly laughs. From the moment they answer your call, the warmth you receive when you enter the salon and the big hugs after the whole experience, there is warmth all over (the kind of warmth you want in this tropical heat).  They have managed to master the total cool-kid vibe, without a whiff of snobbery. The staff is kind, generous, and has made us feel great on even our worst days.  The Kate Korpi experience is transformative on so many levels.  We leave feeling and looking so good, and counting down the days before we can go again.


Kate Korpi Gratitude-22.jpg

Bad vibes go here to die, and come out with a sexy cat-eye and Bardot hair. Thank you, Kate Korpi family, for the hugs, the badass hair, the smokey eye, the giggles in between, and making it one of our favorite places to be.signatures

All photos by Cait + Tiff.  Please request permission for use.  We are not liable for costs incurred for spiritual, hair or look transformations as a result of visits to Kate Korpi.

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C / 5 great things

art.jpgMy brain is all over the place this week, having a lot to do with my impending trip the US, intermittent migraines, heavy work calendar, and transitions all around. It’s mostly good stuff, but it makes me into a terrible procrastinator when I need to take care of my own stuff, and I ate two pieces of cold pizza before I sat down to write this, because I am convinced it will help me “focus.” I think it’s working.

Because I’m a spaz this week, that’s what you get. You get 5 things that were awesome this week, with no real order or reason.

  1. We were in a short movie last night! We will tell you more about it soon, but we can tell you now that it required gigantic hair, and even more hairspray. The end result was sort of like if Taylor Swift and Adele had an old baby. Tiff looked like she should be in a 60’s variety show, in the very best way. See below. us
  2. It’s nothing new, but Graceland remains my very favorite album. Went back to it again this week, and it’s the best. Bonus, I get really excited when Paul Simon says “Tucson” and I’m like THAT’S MEEEEE.
  3. Titus Andromedon, from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I watched this about 30 times to prepare for the shoot last night. 
  4. Random emails. I have reached out to, been reached out to a few times this week, from people I want to know, people I used to know, and people I love but don’t talk to enough. If you are thinking about someone, reach out, even if you don’t know them. Not in a creepy way, but in general, most people like connecting, and it’s fun and awesome.
  5. This is what my hair looks like after an hour of teasing, a can of hair spray, 3 cocktails and a good night’s sleep. I miss it

The end.caitsig

Cover photo credit


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T / getting in front of the lens (aka. <3 thy body)

HeaderI hate having pictures taken of me.  I am usually beyond pleasantly surprised when they turn out well.  The list of my insecurities are, as usual, completely irrational.  But when you are thrusting (haha, thrusting) yourself into a career based on aesthetics, your eye gets on the nitpicks: my monolid-ed tiny eyes that aren’t great at communicating beyond a squint, that belly I haven’t been able to get rid of since I was like eight years old, my flat-ass feet.  Don’t even get me started on the comparison trap.I like my parts, but I am terrified of full-body shots – unfortunately human physiognomy isn’t a colour-by-number thing.

But lately, I’ve been trying to feel better about this in between things body that has been shaped by genetics, and my simultaneous love for fitness and food. I’ve gotten obsessed with Ashley Graham (see here, here and here).  And have you read Mindy Kaling wax poetic about Salvador Perez?  And our favourite Joy just launched this amazing series on dressing her diversely bodied team.

I was one of the last to be shot for Cait’s KIT look book (those pictures later) and let’s just say it wasn’t because of scheduling issues.  But that shoot did have to happen. I had coincidentally picked up a couple of newly tailored outfits and I was feeling confident about. And that’s when I sent that alert to Cait: SHOOT ME! NOW! Even if’ it’s raining! Pew pew pew.Green-Outfit

These new outfits show a little more skin in the mid section that I’m used too.  But they also are so comfortable and perfect for both a casual night out, or hanging out on the weekend.  I’ve fallen in love with the concept of the pull on short, and I wanted to add in a little bit of the athletic jogging short that I dig so much.  I’m also starting to figure out what silhouettes I’m most comfortable with and exploring what’s possible.  Cait and Mindy also push the importance of good tailoring.  We have a bunch of cool projects coming up, so I need to get as comfortable in front of the camera as I am behind it.Grey-and-White

Also, we had lunch.  Our pal Erich (who also makes the best beer) has done such a great job at Botanico Wine and Beer Garden, He let us invade the space for a little shoot when the clouds decided to part yesterday.  Stuffed grilled cheese? Bulgogi quesadillas? Kampot Pepper Pate (which you should have with french fries, á la Cait)? Yes please.  They are having their grand opening tomorrow and you should absolutely go.Botanico-Food

All photos by Caitlin Decker. Please request permission for use.  We are not liable for calo

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T / hair and makeup

Glamour-Shot-HeaderIt’s a rite of passage for the expatriates in live in Phnom Penh.  The Khmer glamour shots. There we go again, bastardizing a local practice. Go through their catalog of costumes and settings and you might see someone you know.  I’m already an old hand at this. (Remember this?) But Cait and some of our more recently arrived friends hadn’t had the joy of pounds of make up and the shiniest of outfits. So with a bottle of rosé, into the studio we went.  Our favourite Lyly event got outfitted as an apsara!  As usual, I had Giorgio handy and snapped a whole bunch of behind the scenes shots because backstage shots are my jam.  This included a whole series of Cait realizing that the hair pieces erected atop her head did not exactly match her platinum locks (too many to share here this time).  So without further delay, let the show begin.


In the chair. With my four ladies.

Apsara in construction.

Apsara in construction.


In the waiting line.

View from the front of the lines.

View from the front of the lines.

Et voila.

Et voila.

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. We are not liable for any profound desire to wear cakey make up and fake eye lashes.

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T / fly on the wall saturday

Saturday-headerSaturday was fun town!  But fun town also means “whoa tired i need a nap” exhaustion town.  Sometimes my energy dips during events.  And to compensate for my lack of ability to focus on adult conversation, I’ll get into what I like to call my “fly on the wall” mode.  It’s even better when I’ve got Giorgio, my massive muscly camera, with me.  And I’ll get the sneakiest photos. On a single day this past weekend, Cait and I had a photoshoot that was bright hot and early, a fabulous brunch with our beautiful Alissa who was visiting, a brilliant pop up, all topped off with some (sort of) late night nourishment.

So during all those energy dips this past weekend, I got my camera out and took some fun shots.  This is how we turn a hot season day in Phnom Penh into the best thing ever.


I was still post-earlier-morning-workout sweating when we convened for the Cait’s upcoming look book shoot. So towels were more than handy. All the best ladies were there. You met them all already. Coffee and delicious carbs, and of course Lemonade were all present. I can’t forget to mention our favourite contributor, Alissa, who made a return to Phnom Penh for the weekend. All the way from London.  I was in a perpetual photo squat.  Shots were taken.  I can’t wait until we share them with you!

Saturday-Morning-2And since Alissa was back, we had to get our eat on.  The Tiger’s Eye is genius chef Timothy Bruyns’ newest outpost in Phnom Penh!  He usually makes our tastebuds go nuts in the evenings, but now he’s cornered the brunch market and the city couldn’t be happier.  So we had to have our second meal of the morning here.  That bread! And marmalade!Saturday-Morning-3


Lady bosses Louisa from La Familia (left) and Katia from Good Krama get down to business.

After a quick nap, it was time to get the pop-up started.  We drove as fast as we could through an unbearably hot Phnom Penh afternoon, locked ourselves in La Familia’s new retail spot, La Casita to help out Katia set up for the Good Krama pop up!Saturday-Afternoon-2

We even got to see samples from Good Krama's next collection! I can't wait to get my hands on these!

We even got to see samples from Good Krama’s next collection! I can’t wait to get my hands on these!

Saturday-Afternoon-4And it was such a success!  We can’t thank everyone enough for coming!   It was such a fun evening with all the best people in Phnom Penh.  And the best drinks.  Hands down favourite was mixology goddess Jen Queen’s debut of the Whitewalker with Snow (get it? eh?).  Homemade horchata and fernet with crushed ice makes a lot of hot and thirsty cocktail connoisseurs happy.

Cait creeps on homemade syrup (left) and La Familia founder Jen Queen (right) mixes the most delicious inspired cocktails (namely, the Whitewalker with Snow!)

Cait creeps on homemade syrup (left) and La Familia founder Jen Queen (right) mixes the most delicious inspired cocktails (namely, the Whitewalker with Snow!)


Saturday-Evening-2By 8pm, I was a more than a little ravenous.  My last memories of the pop-up involve shovelling the remains of Artillery’s delicious nachos and mango salsa.  So while I was hard pressed (aka hangry) to get on my bike and drive to our local Korean BBQ joint with the cool kids, I eventually relented and it was the best choice ever.  Saturday basically ended on a high note before I passed out from a horchata, fernet and grilled meat stupor.Tiffany Tsang

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. We are not liable for any financial incursions from relocating to Phnom Penh.

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T / all the flips and the faces

Tini-Tinou---Circus-HeaderSo remember when we suggested that you run away with the circus?  I went and did it for a night. Thanks to the folks over at Phare, and its partner organization Phare Ponleu Selpak, I was front and centre at Saturday night’s show to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Tini Tinou International Circus Festival.  And of course I brought my cammy-cam, whom I’ve named Giorgio (more on me naming appliances in another post).

And I know you’re thinking, okay, photos of these ultra talented kids in mid-air.  The usual circus photos.  But what really took me on this show were the facial gymnastics being thrown by the Cambodian artists from Phare.  These guys know how to act.  And flip. And throw down mighty fine stories that kept the audience wrapt,  on their toes and gunning for the good guys and gals.  All with a spot on soundtrack with live musicians on traditional Khmer instruments.  There were also muscles.  Sculpted ones to boot.

If you’re in Cambodia, and are keen to see Tini Tinou, as well as opening acts from Canada, France, Australia and Indonesia, you’re not too late.  The show still goes on with one more tonight in Battambang, and from May 8-10th in Siem Reap.  Check out Tini Tinou’s website for tickets and venues.

01---Flipper 02---Faces 11---Flip 04---Landing 03---Fire-Show 05---Jumper 06---In-Flight 07---In-Flight-2 08---All-Up 09---Seats-and-Shadows 10---Dancing


All photos by Tiffany Tsang. We are not liable for any facial or bodily gymnastics that result from the circus.